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Most seductive places to stay across the world

Most seductive places to stay across the world

Most seductive places to stay across the world

Most seductive places to stay across the world

Most seductive places

Most seductive places to stay across the world

Most seductive places to stay across the world

It would be wrong to say that the therapist’s room is the only place where a broken love or sexuality can mend. Many people would instead argue that benefits of a couple of nights away in a delightful hotel that – by virtue of its location, furnishings, fresh sheets and solicitous staff – sprinkles stardust on your spirits and libido. On this very note, the most seductive places to stay across the world are:-

Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Morocco

Royal Mansour

One of the most discreet hotels in the world, with a tangled warren of underground tunnels so that staff can criss-cross the grounds, is tending to guests’ whims without being heard or seen. Guests feel the compulsion to go out of their rooms, which represent mini raids, with attached inner courtyards and rooftops having fireplaces, plunge pool and Bedouin tent. Those who love to venture out can book one of the hotel’s Bentleys – built-in champagne gold. Also boasts a triple-Michelin-starred Yannick Alléno’s restaurant with silk drapes, waiters in white gloves serves truffled lamb and Moroccan-spiced lobster at tables made of silver filigree.

Erosantorini, Santorini, Greece


The white suits are the epitome of cool indulgence: suspended from the ceilings are floating fireplaces and place is peppered with oxidized steel furniture. Mirrors make up the tiles beside the bed, and outdoor hot tubs have a marvellous view of the parakeet-green sea. Though there are only five villas, competition isn’t fierce for the pool cave, where couples can canoodle over a cocktail away from much attention and commotion. Cascaded over three levels are V-shaped infinity pools which also play music underwater. A bonfire, at night lights, an intimate outdoor cinema and private yacht with seafood lunch are sure to get it enlisted among the most seductive places to stay across the world.

Morgan’s Rock, Nicaragua

Morgan’s Rock

Daybeds in hammock-style bungalow and waterfall plunge pools make it best suited top romp in the hay types., Accessible only by several jungle suspension bridges, the treetop villas are the most isolated where only companies are cawks of parrots and gushing of the waves. Sky goldens and a gentle breeze whistles through the delicate net walls, one would have the most romantic time. Visitors call it a ‘hands-on kind of place’ and rightfully so- guests can milk the farm cows right before breakfast, fish for shrimp for lunch or ride farm horses in their leisure time. To add to the amorous ambience, one could end their day with a candlelit aromatherapy massage for two. Some might even call it one of the most seductive places to stay across the world.

Nihi Sumba Island, Bali

bali travel information

Among the most secluded and romantic villas is Puncak, which ousts from over a  mountain slope; at sunset, couples could clink champagne flutes in their hot tub located outdoor, and evenings could potentially be spent snuggling around the fireplace and viewing the canopy below. Some serious Instagram envy can be induced by the photo opportunities cooked by the Romantic experiences captioned “most seductive places to stay across the world.

One&Only Le Saint Géran, Mauritius

One&Only Le Saint Géran

Recently there has been a multi-million refurbishment with an obvious aim to seduce a younger market as well as the coup for loving baby boomers – cue an exquisite pan-Asian bar and DJs playing tropical beats. Guests could also opt for private spa aboard the Lady Lisbeth yacht and also indulge in upmarket steak joint, Prime. Suites have sexy stone furnishes and textured wall panels. Textiles dyed to the exact colour of Mauritian sand and hand-crafted lithographs make up the grace in the local references. Those who seek utmost privacy can opt for Villa One, which has private chefs and infinity pool facing the Ocean.


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