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Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park – One historical heritage in Kanpur

The historical city of Kanpur was established by the subordinates of the ‘Chandela Dynasty’. There was a myth that said the place was known as Kanhaiyapur in the honour of Lord Krishna. During the British Raj, the place got its name as Cawnpore and hence changed to Kanpur. There are a number of historical locations in this city. Nana Rao Park in Kanpur was named after Peshwa Nana Rao, a remarkable personality and an activist, who fought against the British in the first war of independence in 1857. It is to honour the great man, that the park was named after him. During the time when Cawnpore was under attack by the Britishers, Nana Sahib negotiated with them on safe passage of his family to Allahabad. On the day of the voyage, General Wheeler with his army marched to the Ganges. Due to the dry summer season, Ganga was sluggish and covered with mud-banks which made it difficult to navigate. This incident led to a memorable historical event which made him immortal. There is a Memorial Well surrounded by railings, a marble Gothic screen and a cross at the site of the well. History says that the people residing there were forced to pay for the construction of the well. The Nana Rao Park has statues of some eminent personalities and freedom fighters that lost their lives fighting against the British. It includes the statues of Rani Lakshmi Bai, Lala Lajpat Rai, Tantiya Tope and Ajizan Bai.

Importance of Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park is considered to be the largest park in the city rich in flora and fauna. The park has a number of trees and the fountain adds on to its beauty. There is a stone relic which has a historical relevance. In its place, there used to be a banyan tree named ‘Boodha Bargad’. It is said that the tree has witnessed the mass hanging of around 144 people during the 1857 rebellion. The park is well maintained. It is being frequented by a lot of fitness groups during the morning and evening. It is one of the favourite outdoor locations for many people.

Location of Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park is situated exactly in the centre of the city, along with the main civil lines area. The Kanpur Railway station is at a distance of 14km while the Kanpur Airport is 12km from the park. The park is a preserved and has historical significance to the fight for independence; therefore no price is charged for entering in it. The Kanpur Mahanagar Palika looks after the maintenance and cleanliness of the Park. It is open throughout the year, the timings ate from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. The best time to take a look at this beautiful place is from October to February when the weather is feasible.

Top Attractions you must visit

  • Boodha Bargat, a banyan tree located at the park ground with great historical importance.
  • The traditional Vyamshala or the Yoga centre inside the park
  • A Public Swimming pool
  • The Memorial Well

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