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Osho Ashram

Osho Ashram

Osho Ashram

Osho Ashram in Pune

Osho Ashram

Osho Ashram- the international mediation resort in Pune

Located in the Koregaon park road in Pune, Osho Ashram is a famous meditation centre globally. People from all over the world are found to take training in this Ashram. The founder of this extraordinary organization is late Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who is known to all as Osho. While he was alive he fought against the ordinary ideas of human life. He was disrespected at many places, but his ideologies were much favored outside India. Then at his final stage of life he created this ashram in Pune and it was well established. Gradually after his death in 1990, the ashram continued to attract lots of devotees from Europe and America. The main feature of the ashram is to work on different meditation programs for improving intelligence and awareness.


Osho ashram is based on modern mediation technique blended with ancient procedures. The technique involve opening up the mind and merge with the flow that life brings to us. The ashram mainly focuses on the well being of human psychology. Osho knew the structure of human mind very well that there are many deep rooted dreams in all of us. He insisted on to follow the dreams and not suppress it. We should try to know ourselves and peep inside our own heart to look into the deep desires. It is a clear note that most of the problems of our life arise from unsatisfied sex. According to Osho, sex is the liveliest ingredient of our life that keeps us alive. Above all, we all should love ourselves, and then we will find that others too love us. This Ashram of Osho is a resort of free will first, meditation second. You can unlock a new dimension of life after entering the ashram here.

Entering there

The ashram is favored by the foreigners more than the Indians. That is why you can see majority of non-Indians practicing the meditation technique. Entering there is not free and a ticket of 1500 INR is required to get inside. There are certain procedures you need to follow to stay there. A blood test for HIV would be done prior to entering. Moreover you need to follow some dress codes, red dress at the daytime and white in the evening. You can reach the ashram resort after walking a distance of 1 km along a tiled path within greeneries. The opening hours are from 6 to 9 in the morning and then 7 to 10 in the afternoon. Photography is not inside the complex.


Reaching there is not as tough as there is both railway station and airport in the close vicinity in Pune. From the railhead and airport you will get cabs and taxis to reach the spot very comfortably. After reaching the ashram complex, you need to walk along the path lined by leaves. Tourist need to fill up the application form, submit photographs and pass the HIV tests before checking in the ashram.

Things to see and do

  • The Osho Ashram or the Osho International meditation resort are open to all those who want to experience the utmost meaning of life.
  • There is the Samadhi of Osho in the ashram complex where ashes of guruji are kept.
  • The main attraction in the ashram is the Osho Teerth Park spread over 12 acre of former wasteland. It is well designed garden that serves as a place for spending quality time in a peaceful manner.
  • Meditation techniques are different for different people and it would be determined by the masters.
  • Multiple packages are there starting from single day to thirty day course.

There is an allegory regarding the Osho Ashram. People believe that some sort of illegal sexual activities are performed inside the ashram. But this is not the real fact. Everything is positive inside the resort. You will be given to perform different exercises before sitting for meditation. Buddhist technique of meditation is followed too. Your mind would be calm and peaceful following the procedures. So do not hesitate to go to the ashram. Osho has done a great job in bringing out the real essence of life through the unique methods that would decrease anxiety and depression.

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