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Peechi dam

Peechi dam

Peechi dam

Peechi dam

Peechi dam

Peechi dam- An Occasional Gateway in Thrissur

Built in the state of Kerala in the city of Thrissur, Peechi Dam offers as a source of water to the nearby villages. It has been built across the Manali River and creates many fountains on its way that serves as a great location to the tourists. Thrissur has overcome the shortage of water since the dam was constructed, thereby providing water to the paddy fields as well. It is also used for generating hydroelectricity and for domestic purpose. The botanical garden on its surroundings is quite much picturesque creating an attractive tourist destination. The Peechi Dam was established in the year 1958 with an area of 125 square kilometres. There are lots of tourists’ places in Thrissur and this place too attracts tourists for its amazing picnic spot and wonderful boating facilities in the reservoir. The surrounding vegetation is also a thing to look on and feel its majestic beauty.

Travelling there

The 26 feet high dam is located at a distance of 20 km Thrissur city which is well connected with other cities in the state. State transport buses and private buses are available on regular basis. The nearby railway station is Thrissur railway station which is located 22 kms away from the spot. The nearby bus stand is Shaktan Thampuran which stands near the station and from there you can get to the dam within 45 minutes. The nearest airport, Cochin International Airport is at a distance of 68 kms from the dam. Being a well connected region you can opt for any of the option depending upon the place from where you are coming. The dam is opened from 8 a.m to 6:30 p.m and the cost of entering the dam area is free.

Things to know before you go

Summer is not the ideal time to visit there as the time of entering the dam is during the day and you days are very sunny and heat persists at that time. During rainy season it becomes a bit risky to go there as the dam may overflow. So the best time to visit there is in the winter and post winter months that starts from October to March. It must be kept in mind that as there is no food stalls with decent meals however there are little stalls nearby. You may carry some snacks and necessary drinking water. The other thing to remember is that camera is not allowed to inside.

Things to do Peechi dam

  • The Peechi- Vazhani wildlife sanctuary is a nearby attraction to the dam that offers an amazing recreating pleasure to the mind of the nature lovers. It is not possible to get inside the sanctuary but during the season you may take a boatride to have a close look of the forest. The watch tower can offers you to view the migratory birds.
  • There is also a children park where they can play and families can spend good time here. Couples can spend quality time and stroll here in the evening.
  • Boating and swimming are additional activities one can enjoy.
  • There is a watch tower on the top that provides you an opportunity to have a close view of the natural vegetation as well as the Manali River.
  • On the way is the Kerala forest Research Institute with its seed centre and nurseries and also the eco shop of the department from where you can forest produce and souvenirs.
  • There is also a swimming pool near the dam where visitors can have a bath in the pool.

Additional information of Peechi dam

This is a serene and well connected location for them who have finished visiting other attractions and need to get to some quite location. Parking areas are there for them who are arriving there in their private cars. In the previous years the Peechi dam shutters used to be opened during the festival of Onam but since a few years it is not raining much and there is shortage of water so the shutter has been kept closed. Boating has also been on a hold but very soon everything would be in motion and the place would be a genuine tourist’s destination.

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