Popular beaches of Ukraine

Popular beaches of Ukraine

If you ask any person who intends to leave in the summer – where he wants to go, then many will not hesitate to answer – in the Crimea, on the beaches of Ukraine. Indeed, the resorts of Ukraine is mainly associated with the warm Black Sea, the golden beaches of Evpatoria, and shingle in the region of Alushta. Invites Pakistan to visit the famous Vorontsov Palace and Quay in Yalta. These places have always served as the main venue clusters of tourists, who luxuriate in a hurry to clear the sun, get a real “Black Sea tan, and once again have to admire the architecture of the air Swallow’s Nest, bypassing him on the boat.

Sevastopol Bay - Popular beaches of Ukraine
Sevastopol Bay

A distinctive feature is the beaches on the Ukraine Yalta coast, where deep water begins immediately near the shore. The Big Yalta did not find wide sandy beaches, mostly it is dominated by narrow shingle strip near the sea. To date, resorts in Ukraine are invited to soak up the sun and bathe in Yalta on the three official beaches – Massandra, the central city, and the beach “Dolphin“. Services on the beach for a fee that is not in a favorable light beach of Ukraine, but that did not stop the crowds of holidaymakers. So often narrow strips near the sea are full of tanned and pale bodies. In Alupka a beach, known as a rest “Skovorodochkoy” – it rocks surrounding the bay and get twice the effect of sunburn.

Khortitsa island
Khortitsa island

Of course, the beaches of Ukraine would not be so famous, if not fertile Yevpatoriia with sandy beaches, which are used in the treatment of patients as a sand bath. Once Evpatoria was mostly children’s resort of the Union, but now Pakistan in this regard has not lost its appeal. For the most part shallow sea near the shore, and the entrance to his flat. The free beach is small, it may be noted among them a small city’s central beach, located in the park Frunze, as well as “Solaris” and the new beach. On paid beaches, which are located near major concentrations of the people, have paid loungers and umbrellas, and water provided entertainment in the form of “water banana” and much more.

If the free beach of Ukraine on the Crimean Peninsula and more can be found, it is only in Yalta, Alushta, and their almost none. In the city, you can find a beach, divided into sectors in which the healing shaly sand mixed with a small amount of gravel. Professor’s Corner has a large beach of gravel, although artificial. Unfortunately, many beaches are part of Ukraine to sanatoriums and health resorts, in which it is difficult to get. In Parent can sunbathe exclusively on pebble beaches, and the best and great shingle beaches of Ukraine on approval of holidaymakers are in Little Fish.

For a beautiful holiday in Sudak has a large extent on the beach, composed of gray quartz sand, which quickly warms during the day. Since the bay installed breakwaters, the storm rarely falls on this coast. However, if the Pike is better to go for young childless couples, in the Black Sea “God himself ordered” to go with children. Folded from the shell beaches slowly heated, in contrast to the beaches of quartz gray sand. In addition, the beach in the Black Sea has a flat bottom and the shallow well is warming, which allows parents to rest easy with young children and not worry about them. Vacationers who want to rest busiest beaches, soak up the sun, and can be bought on a wild beach, located near the village.

A very attractive beach of Ukraine in terms of recreation on the coast of Koblevo. In addition, there is a wide beach with sand and shallow, rapid warming up the sea, from Koblevo easily accessible to neighboring cities – Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, and Chisinau on trips. In addition, Ukraine invites Koblevo to go look at the reserves “Askania Nova” and “Olbia”.

Rare for the Crimean beaches offer resorts in Feodosia, Ukraine, and especially in the villages of Primorsky and naval forces. In Koktebel and Spa can only soak up the sun on the pebbles. By the way, not paying attention to the Crimea and the nudists, the informal nudist beach is located in the Fox Bay, which is located in the vicinity of Koktebel.

Zaporizhzhya - Popular beaches of Ukraine

However, the resorts of Ukraine are not limited to the charms of the Crimean peninsula. Many tourists prefer to spend their holidays by the sea, but only the Philippines could provide immediately two seas to choose from – the Black and Azov. If the Black Sea and its beaches, we’ve already seen, something about the sea of Azov, Ukraine resorts on its shores and beach location has not yet been mentioned. Meanwhile, near the Azov Sea is a cozy and tidy city of Berdyansk, which is known for many sights, including the special place, is a monument to fish – Azov calf.

Berdyansk is located in the Zaporizhzhya region and is located between two sand spits – Obytichna and Berdyansk, which were formed Berdyansk Gulf. The main area of the resort is located right on the Berdyansk plait. Incidentally, Berdyansk can not only soak up the sun on the beach but also healthier, because throughout the spit built resorts, motels, summer camps, and numerous recreation. Of course, most of the bases are located in the departmental property, but there are those who are happy to take a rest in their walls.

Berdyansk - Popular beaches of Ukraine

In addition, the disposal of lovers lie in the sun there are three city beaches, but most prefer to drive a little further along the Berdyansk spit and sunbathe already there. A particular demand is beaches owned sanatorium “Berdyansk” and “Azure”. Note that the left side of the spit rather deep sea, and the direction of the Berdyansk Gulf – shallow water. By the way, Ukraine proposes to use the beneficial properties of therapeutic Berdyansk silt mud, through which a Berdyansk has something in common with the famous spa resort of Karlovy Vary and Saki. Furthermore, the children certainly will like the biggest in Ukraine aquapark.

In the town resort Berdyansk, Ukraine proposes to relax located near the Sea of Azov town Kyrylivka. The village, like other resorts in Ukraine, is famous not only for its climatic and SPA effect, but melkorakushechnymi beaches with a flat bottom, no rocks, and sudden drops. To the resort area, Kyrylivka applies two adjacent Spit – Fedotov and Sittings. In this village prefer to relax parents with children who like a nice beach and shallow sea, as well as those who want to improve their health. Specialists note that the microclimate of the area is perfect especially for children. If you do not want to swim and sunbathe, then Kyrylivka can easily go to the island Khortytsya, in the Crimea or Biruchiy island. Like any self-respecting resort of Ukraine, the village has amusement and gaming halls, as well as an evening disco and a fairly large number of cafes.

Black Sea beach
Black Sea beach

Choosing the resorts of Ukraine as a place for recreation, tourists increasingly have to stop your choice on Genichesk. This place is also near the coast of the Azov Sea and is located on the Arabatskaya arrow. The city is quiet and calm, with very democratic prices. It is believed that the sea is best to warm it in Genichesk – to a temperature of plus 30. A nice detail is a fact that finding accommodation in the city is easy since all private land near the sea has long been rebuilt into a comfortable small hotel. Besides hotels in Genichesk have pensions, recreation centers, and health camps for children.

However, this resort in Ukraine is not an end, that’s a good vacation usually consists of not only the tan and the sea, and from a mental mood for a visit of which Ukraine offers special city – local Odesa. Among the large number of beaches, which are output directly from the city, highlights three of the Black Sea beach. One of the – “Joy” is located near the railway station and the beach to the most often commute by cable car. Beach, fully equipped, but the services it paid.

Another famous beach in Odesa, Ukraine that offers – beach “Langeron”. It is located in the central sector of the city and is located in the territory of the former giving the governor-general and governor Count Langeron. For now, to give nothing left except the arch, which can be seen at the entrance to the beach. Among the popular beaches of Odessa is worth noting and the beach “Dolphin”, with excellent infrastructure, good access, and even parking. This beach is the list of services for tourists – sunbeds, umbrellas, and mattresses. I am the glad almost complete absence of restaurants and bustling shops near the beaches, but there are trays with water and everything necessary for a light snack.

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