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Reasons to visit Vladivostok fall

Reasons to visit Vladivostok fall

Reasons to visit Vladivostok fall

Reasons to visit Vladivostok fall

Reasons to visit Vladivostok fall

Reasons to visit Vladivostok fall

10 reasons to visit Vladivostok in the fall

Reasons to visit Vladivostok fall: Have you ever heard of the Far Eastern cuisine? Do you know that in the fall in Vladivostok you can sunbathe and swim? We found 10 good reasons to spend our autumn vacation in the capital of Primorsky Krai, and colleagues from Otkry Vladivostok suggested what to do in September, October, and November.

1. Profitable flights

How to score cheap flights

The distance between Moscow and Vladivostok is almost the same as between Moscow and New York. Only you will not find direct flights to New York for 20 thousand rubles. But in Vladivostok for this amount, there are easily tickets in our search, even if you plan a trip a month before the start.

2. The most comfortable climate for relaxation

Vladivostok is located at the same latitude as Sochi. Yes, there are cyclones, but tourists and locals can safely swim and sunbathe in the fall. For example, in September, the temperature is 18-25 degrees.

3. Photogenic cable-stayed bridges – Russian and Golden

hotogenic cable-stayed bridges

These bridges appeared in 2012. The Golden Bridge passes through the narrow bay of the Golden Horn and connects the historical part of the city with the industrial one. The Russian bridge, the second-highest in the world (324 meters), spreads across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait and leads to Russky Island.

4. Far Eastern cuisine

Far Eastern cuisine - Reasons to visit Vladivostok fall

Thanks to the unique sea area, you can enjoy oysters, mussels, squids, octopuses, and shrimps. And thanks to neighboring China and Korea, Kimchi and Pyan-she became an integral part of the gastronomic culture of the Far East. By the way, in Vladivostok, be sure to visit real Chinese restaurants, for this, look at the Chinese market.

5. Primorye Cultural Center – Mariinsky Theater

Mariinsky Theater - Reasons to visit Vladivostok fall

The theater building was also recently built. The size and appearance of the theater will amaze anyone: 1702 seats in an urban structure of glass and metal. Opera, ballets, chamber concerts – musicians and artists from all over Russia, as well as dancers from Korea, the USA, and Japan, take part in the performances.

6. Hyper-Modern University Campus

Hyper-Modern University Campus

The campus of the Far Eastern Federal University is located on the Russian island. Before construction began in 2007, the slopes were overgrown with dense vegetation, now educational buildings, laboratories, dormitories, and administrative buildings have grown on 200 hectares of the built-up area.

7. Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking - Reasons to visit Vladivostok fall

The calm and warm sea is ideal for a kayak boat trip. During the walk, you will meet local fish, birds, sea urchins, and stars. Most often they are engaged in kayaking on the Russian island, you can still spend the weekend on the archipelago of Empress Eugenia – these are small islands and rocks.

8. Seaside Safari Park

Nagarhole National Park

Do you want to live to see the Amur tiger, red wolf, sika deer, or Far Eastern which? So, you have a direct road to Safari Park, where, as in a real safari, you are allowed to travel only with a guide.

9. Land’s End – Tokarevsky Lighthouse

Tokarevsky Lighthouse  -  Reasons to visit Vladivostok fall
Tokarevsky Lighthouse

It is believed that the Pacific Ocean begins here and the mainland of Vladivostok ends. The lighthouse and the mainland are connected by a spit – Tokarevskaya Koshka, which in summer can go underwater. People come here to bathe in the warmer months and watch spotted seals in the cold.

10. The most mysterious mountain – Pidan

most mysterious mountain - Pidan

Pidan, aka Livadia Mountain, is very popular. Breathtaking views open from the top: hills, waves, clouds. In clear weather, you can even see the Sea of ​​Japan.


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