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New York tourism

New York tourism

New York tourism

New York tourism

New York tourism

New York tourism and what to look out for

New York, a state in the northeastern United States, was one of the original thirteen colonies that established New York. It is the fourth most populous state in the United States, receiving over 60 million American and foreign tourists each year. From the Empire State Building to Times Square and luxury shopping malls, New York tourism has become very famous serving people thrill as well as fun for many years. The most common and favorites places which people like to visit are:

Statue of Liberty and Battery Park

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Built-in 1886, The Statue of Liberty was a gift to America from France. It still remains a famous World symbol of freedom and one of the greatest American icons. Standing at a height of 152 feet from the base of the torch and weighing over 4, 50,000 pounds, it is the largest statue in the World. From the statue, you will get a fine view of New York harbor and lower Manhattan. You have to get a short boat ride in order to get top of the statue. To see the statue from the shore you have to go to Battery Park which sits on the southern tip of Manhattan. From here visitors can catch a ferry to the statue and Ellis Island.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building - New York tourism
Empire State Building

Along with the Statue of Liberty, the empire state building is also one of the famous landmarks. It is 381 m tall with 120 stores. It was also the tallest building in the World until the 1 world trade center rose higher 41 years later. There are two observatories on the top of the Empire state building. The 86th-floor observatory and the 102nd-floor observatory are the two points. Visitors can see up to 80 miles when it’s a clear day, looking into the neighboring states of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Central park

Central Park
Central Park

Central Park is the playground for the New Yorkers. This park is one of the reasons why New York is such beautiful and not a concrete jungle. This park contains a lot of attractions within its border which has been featured in many films. Some of the noted places are Strawberry Fields, the Lake, and the Zoo. The lake is used for skating in winter and in paddling in summer. Walking through the park is always lovely. You can also take bikes for rent.

Rockefeller center

Rockefeller Center - New York tourism
Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller center is a huge entertainment and shopping complex in the middle of Manhattan. It is also the home of NBC-TV as well as radio and other media. The ice skating rink outside is incredibly popular. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, and an observation deck. If you wish to see the city skyline, you should try the Rock Observation Deck which includes three floors, located on the 67th, 69th, and 70th floor. Both night and day, it is opened.

New York is one of the greatest cities in the world which is always busy due to different activities. At each and every turn you will get famous sites and you might not get enough time to see them all. The vacation possibility is endless here. Any time of the year or anytime in the day there is an endless array of things to see and enjoy in New York.

The Grid System

As a Brit, I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to say this, what with our winding streets and snaking lanes. Sure, streets in the UK have nicer names than those in NYC, but they can be awfully confusing. Looking for West 39th Street and you’ve just seen a sign for West 41st Street? No worries, just turn around and walk two blocks back! Easy.

The Subway

Is New York’s subway system the best I’ve ever used? Alas no, that accolade would have to go to Seoul’s subway system. Yet the NYC subway proved to be easy to use, once I figured out what uptown and downtown meant, and that a lot of lines essentially covered the same stops and only split off at the end, once they got to, say, the Bronx or South Brooklyn – the latter an area I spent just a few hours in, and the former a place I didn’t go to at all. Plus the cost, $2.50 for one ride anywhere, meant that I wasn’t constantly figuring out zones and fares.

The Food

Oh, the food. I know I’ve raved about it already, but the selection of food in NYC is unlike anything I’ve experienced. Ukrainian, central African, Trinidadian, Dominican, Afghan, Vietnamese, Bosnian. With so much to choose from, it could be tricky at times figuring out where to eat, but you know what? That’s an amazing problem to have.

The People

I won’t lie, but before coming to NYC, New Yorkers scared me a little, despite the existence of sites like Humans of New York. I’d only ever met two New Yorkers before, and they were both thoroughly unpleasant, using the word ‘real’ to excuse their meanness. I had visions of the streets being choc-full of Angelea from America’s Next Top Model season 14 clones. I couldn’t have been more wrong. While direct, New Yorkers were nothing but friendly, and I was never made to feel intimidated or stupid. Oh, and of course the accent too. I could listen to a New Yorker speak all day. Does anyone have any slightly rough-around-the-edges, tattooed, muscular, dark-haired men of Italian descent to come to talk to me?

The Sights

New York, along with Paris and London, is one of the most well-known cities in the whole world, and there’s a reason for it. The city is absolutely brimming with things to do, from being wowed at the New York Public Library’s reading room, to strolling around Central Park, enjoying some great exhibits for free, wandering through a park on deserted train tracks, walking down Coney Island’s boardwalk, trying out wonderfully weird balsamic vinegar in Chelsea Market, giggling at Grand Central Station’s Whispering Gallery, or simply pacing the residential streets around Sheepshead Bay. I was never bored once in NYC, and there’s still so much more that I’d love to go back and see.

New York, you have me wanting more. I long for your frenetic pace and your food, your grids and great people, your culture, your class, and your chutzpah. It’ll be hard to top you on the rest of my world trip, but I’m going to try – although I won’t be too mad if you’re still my number one at the end of it.

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