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The Gem of Northern Queensland

The Gem of Northern Queensland

The Gem of Northern Queensland

The Gem of Northern Queensland

The Gem of Northern Queensland

The Gem of Northern Queensland

Tropical Cairns – The Gem of Northern Queensland

Travel to Cairns for the Ultimate Thrill, Fun, and Adventure!

Basking in the glory of charming and fanatical cities, Australia is one of those rare countries on earth where each city has its own range of attractions and appeals to its visitors. Cairns is a famous travel gateway in Northern Queensland, and if you are thinking of flying to this wonderful country this year, then Cairns is a city you won’t be able to afford to miss out on.

In the last few years, Queensland city has witnessed some major developments ranging from large-scale entertainment complexes and promenades to man-made lagoons. So, you can now have a beach-side feel in Cairns too! The city has a wide fleet of bars, clubs, and resorts with private pools and deckchairs.

Let’s dive into some famous attractions of the city.

Tours to Daintree Rainforest – Explore nature’s beauty 

Daintree Rainforest

Cairns is the major gateway to the natural wonder and the great World Heritage site of the Daintree Rainforest; it is the largest of its kind in the whole country. Visiting this stunning rainforest will give you the opportunity to go hiking, rock climbing, wildlife watching, and bushwalking.

The Daintree is also home to spectacular beaches. Here you will find the greatest population of endangered animal species of Australia. There are some safeguards in place that allow you to watch huge crocodiles, taste fruits from the trees, and enjoy the incredible beauty of unspoiled nature without disturbing the ecosystem.

Enthralling Island Excursions

No matter if you are going to stay for a day, a week, or longer, Cairns has many pretty islands in its neighborhood, mainly in the far north of Queensland. The remote places and islands will provide you with the serenity and peace that the buzzing Australian metropolis can’t offer.

However, active travelers too won’t be disappointed. From snorkeling, moonlit fishing, and camping to scuba diving, you can immerse yourself in this tropical natural bounty and really feel part of the landscape.

Don’t miss visiting a privately owned island named Double Island. Like your campervan rental, you can make your booking a few weeks before your arrival date to Cairns. If you are seeking the ultimate luxurious retreat while holidaying in Cairns, the Palm Cove Retreat on Double Island is the place to be. Moreover, other touristy delights such as the Fitzroy Island National Park are a short drive by catamaran.


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