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Top 5 Things to Enjoy in Sri Lanka

Top 5 Things to Enjoy in Sri Lanka

Top 5 Things to Enjoy in Sri Lanka

Top 5 Things to Enjoy in Sri Lanka

Top 5 Things to Enjoy in Sri Lanka

Top 5 Things to Enjoy in Sri Lanka

Rolling mountains, pristine beaches, dense forest, rich cultural heritage, architectural marvel – Sri Lanka has it all. Nestled in the tropical belt, bordered by the Indian Ocean, this small island offers a wide variety of attractions. No wonder Marco Polo considered it to be the finest island of its size in the world.

Sri Lanka has many nicknames including Ceylon, Serendib, Teardrop of India, Resplendent Isle, Pearl of the Orient, and the Island of Dharma. With teeming birdlife, exotic wildlife, green paddy fields, ruined civilizations, and sun-bronzed beaches Sri Lanka is breathtaking beauty. Above all the people are friendly, the food is excellent and the costs are low. Once you visit this small island, you won’t be able to escape the intensity of affection Sri Land evokes in all its visitors.

It has ‘N’ numbers of things to enjoy. So what should be in your priority list while you enjoy a Sri Lanka trip? Here is a quick look.

1. Sunbathing:

Blessed with a beautiful coastline, Sri Lanka has some of the most unspoiled beaches in the world. For peaceful sunbathing come to the beaches in Nilaveli. If surfing is what you are interested in, the beaches in Arugam bay are waiting for you. While you are in Sri Lanka, staying in any of the beautiful beach resort of Colombo is a must.

2. Wild Life Safari:

Yala National Park - Top 5 Things to Enjoy in Sri Lanka
Yala National Park

You will find many nature reserves in Sri Lanka. Wildlife safaris are one of the most popular tourist activities in this island. The Yala National Park is famous for deer, peacocks, leopard, eagles, buffaloes, and wild boars. Take a guide with you while you set out for the safari. You can also enjoy elephant back safaris. It will be a rewarding experience. You can also feed baby elephants at the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage.

3. Visiting Historic Places:


Visiting the ruins of 2000 years old cities will be a thrilling experience. They are a must-visit place in Sri Lanka. The most popular of all is the Sigiriya rock fortress. Besides the frescoes and gardens, the irrigation system will amaze you. Don’t miss the famous cities like Anuradhapura, Kandy, and Polonnaruwa that are also world heritage sites.

4. Exploring Natural Beauty:

Dunhinda falls - Top 5 Things to Enjoy in Sri Lanka
Dunhinda falls

Sri Lanka is a place where the journey from the hot sunny weather of the beaches to the cool mountain weather takes only a few hours. Take a stroll in beautiful gardens like that of Peradeniya or check out Asia’s most popular waterfalls – all are equally promising. Waterfalls like Bambarakanda falls, Devon falls, Dunhinda falls, St’ Claire’s falls, Bopath falls, Diyaluma falls and Bakers falls will make quite a spectacle.

5. Checking the Museums:

Dutch Period Museum - Top 5 Things to Enjoy in Sri Lanka
Dutch Period Museum

As said before Sri Lanka has a rich cultural heritage. If you want to get an essence of the Sri Lankan culture, a visit to the museums is a must. There are many famous museums like the National Museum, The Dutch Period Museum, Kandy National Museum, Ratnapura Museum, Anuradhapura Folk Museum, Galle National Museum, Bandaranaike Museum, Maligawa Museum, and many more. Visiting any of these museums will unveil the rich cultural history of the country.


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