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Top Tips About Travel Blogging

Top Tips About Travel Blogging

Top Tips About Travel Blogging

Top Tips About Travel Blogging

Top Tips About Travel Blogging

Top Tips About Travel Blogging

Blogs are informative websites which are usually published on the internet. Anyone can start a blog all they need to know is what users want to read and how to write for those readers. Elements like picture content, design and quality also impact your readers and encourage them to share your blog with others.

The main elements of writing a blog are:

  • Write with passion
  • Be creative
  • Make your point
  • Be concise
  • Make use of your personal knowledge
  • Make use of bullets
  • Be honest
  • Edit your post before publishing

Top writing tips for travel bloggers:

Travelling: the purpose of travelling may be one among the many such as vacation, volunteer travelling for charity, pilgrimages, health care or business travel. The purpose and motives may be different but while writing it’s the writer’s responsibility to provide all the necessary information. When writing a travel blog there are some basic tips you should follow which are;

Stay unique – Provide unique information that the reader can’t find easily elsewhere. Share your ideas in innovative ways like using postcards of the place you are writing about as background images.

Personal ideas – Share and post all your personal experiences and ideas – write anecdotes about your trip. Provide relevant information and don’t forget to include basic details like cost, hotels, flights and weather etc.

Be yourself – While writing a travel blog post with those thoughts which are helpful but also try and keep it as personal to yourself as you can. The reader wants to read about your experience and the more personal that is the better.

Know your readers – Know the audience, try and understand what they want to achieve from reading your article. Most readers will look at a travel blog for travel advice, places to visit, how to cut costs and what to expect from certain destinations.

Insert photos – Take this opportunity to post pictures of your trip but keep them relevant to the content and only post the really interesting ones.

Taking better photos when backpacking

Keep a journal – Everyone finds it difficult to recollect all the experiences they have on a holiday. Keeping a blog will help you remember all the highlights from your trip and also provide you with useful prompts and content for your blog.

Tags, Categories and Sharing – Always add categories and tags to each and every post. These not only help your readers find any relevant information for their queries but also help in increasing traffic to your blog as the tags will help your site rank better on search engine pages. Also, don’t forget to share your site details and any new posts on social networking sites.

Time is money – You can earn money on producing such travel blogs but in-turn you need to be passionate in the field and spend time building up a readership and following. Once you have a consistent and dedicated audience you can start approaching companies for paid advertising, reviews and sponsorship on your site.

Using the above-mentioned tips anyone can start a travel blog. You will need to pay for a domain name, hosting and sometimes service charges for blog service providers. These initial outlays won’t cost too much and can be reimbursed when your blog starts making money.


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