5 destinations for Cruise and boat vacations in India

5 Destinations for Cruise and boat vacations in India

Most of us love to travel either in hills, forests, or sea beaches. But there are vast treasures hidden in the depth of the sea. Ocean offers an incredible gift to curious travelers who want to know beyond their thoughts. If you want to indulge yourself into the stunning sights of nature then a cruise vacation is a must. It would be a unique experience to spend few days and nights in a ship over the waves. Watching the underwater living beings from the ship would mesmerize your senses and take you to another world. If there is something adventurous like this in your mind then cruise and boat vacations in India will definitely gift you some wonderful moments. Below is a description of some cruises that you can try to have awesome experiences:

Chilika Lake cruise in Orissa

Connected with the Bay of Bengal this hidden pearl is for you to enjoy a cool and calm vacation in India. This spot is situated at a distance of 60 km from Puri in Orissa. The cruise provides you with a chance to watch the beautiful migratory birds of varieties. One can also view dolphins jumping out of the serene blue water.  Spotted with a group of islands along with romantic forenames a cruise in this place would be life long memory.

River Ganges cruise

It starts from Kolkata and ends in Farakka sailing through the sacred water of the river Ganges. The shores are connected with historic places and battlegrounds and remote villages. The Ganges river cruise opens a new side of Bengal to adventurous travelers. The cruise is hoarded with comfortable floating rooms with views of nature. This is the perfect ambassador to celebrate the waterway upon the holy river.

Dibru Saikhowa cruise

Situated in Assam, Dibru Saikhowa is one of the fantastic regions that offer fortunate sightings of diverse species of animals and birds. Gangetic river dolphins are highly endangered and are rarely seen in other places. But this region is at the bottom of the hills is safer for the water mammals are dolphins can be easily spotted here. The cruise on the Brahmaputra River in Dibru offers to have a view of land animals along the shore, water animals as well as exotic birds. There are huge ranges of green hills around and azure clouds over to make you enjoy the majestic cruise ride.

Glass bottom cruise

One of the most incredible cruise and boat vacations in India could be explored in the Andaman. Luxurious and wonderful are the cruises of Andaman where you can experience the most magical moments of your life. It is like heaven for divers and ocean lovers. The glass bottom cruise offers spectacular views of the colorful sea corals and fishes. It takes you to the striking and mysterious islands of Neil and Jolly Buoy where you would definitely feel to be in a wonderland.

Motor Vessel Vrinda cruise

Experience the beauty of the backwaters in Kerala with the Oberoi Vrinda cruise motor vessel. Sailing through the calm waterway of Alleppey, the five-star vessels offers an enthralling journey by boat in India. On the board, you will be greeted with a live performance of the Kathakali and Mohininattam dance show. Surrounded by breathtaking magical green views along the canal route of Vembanad to Alleppey, the cruise would make you come alive. You can also get a chance to explore the narrower channels of the backwaters by taking a conventional rice boat. The time between November to April is the best to set out for the sail.

The best time to travel in a cruise is any time of the year but it is better to skip the rainy season. You should be aware of the weather conditions prior to boarding the ship. However, the cruises have arrangements in case of any harsh circumstances. There are arrangements for cabins and food inside the ship and you would be comfortable enough to enjoy your trip. People with seasickness should take precautions before going in for a long cruise vacation. So step into something different to discover the hidden wonders which you never knew were there and were missing from your tour planning list.

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