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5 Reasons why you should visit Gibraltar

5 Reasons why you should visit Gibraltar

5 Reasons why you should visit Gibraltar

5 Reasons why you should visit Gibraltar

5 reasons why you should visit Gibraltar

5 Reasons why you should visit Gibraltar

5 Reasons why you should visit Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British territory which is situated at the tip of Iberian Peninsula. It coordinates at 36°8′N 5°21′W. It actually refers to the Rock of Gibraltar. This British overseas territory is a home to over 30000 people. These people are known as Gibraltarians. The place has Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry summers and rainy winters. A report by World Health Organization showed that Gibraltar has pollutants in the air and must take precaution before it is too late. Gibraltar is an excellent tourist destination. It has the perfect location to watch the sunset, to explore the rich history, to engage in sports, to discover wildlife and taste some of the best cuisines of the world. Being so close to Spain, Gibraltar attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Some of the reasons you should visit Gibraltar are as follows:

Colourful festivals

Gibraltar is famous for its festivals, mainly Gibraltar Music Festival and Gibraltar National Day. These are the two great festivals tourists love to visit. The music festival continues for several days and has over 10000 audiences. People call it the city of “Festival Gem”. If you have the time and money, do visit the musical event. One can see some of the incredible acts like Kings of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs, Ella Henderson, and James Bay and enjoy it inside the grand Victoria stadium. The unlimited food and drinks in the VIP section are worth the extra money.

Exotic locations

One can see all the three countries (Spain, Morocco and Gibraltar), at the same time in between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, once they are on the upper rock on a clear day. The view is exotic and beautiful at the same time. One can take a ferry from the Gibraltar port and visit the other two neighbouring countries. Gibraltar is one of the best places to explore natural beauty.


One of the best hiking spots in the whole of Gibraltar is the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. It is a lush green mountainous area and a perfect place to hike. The rocky place beside the Mediterranean sea is a wonderful trail in Gibraltar. The hiking path was initially constructed by the British military and was later renovated for public hiking. The wonderful view from the top leaves the visitor awestruck.

Beaches and caves

People may refer to go to Eastern Beach since it the largest and most popular. According to me, Catalan Bay is the most serene and picturesque among the beaches. In case you find beaches to be overcrowded and the weather is not comfortable for hiking, there are other activities in which you can engage yourself. It is exploring the inside of St Michael’s Cave. If you are after adventure, you must try it out.


Gibraltar is a renowned destination for food lovers. Their cuisines are famous all over the world. From exotic British cuisines to their own recipes, they never fail to impress their visitors. This small peninsular country also has to offer the variety of Seafood in places like Paparazzi, Café Rojo, and Bianca’s.

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