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Alappuzha Lighthouse- a heritage spot in Kerala

Alappuzha Lighthouse- a heritage spot in Kerala

Alappuzha Lighthouse- a heritage spot in Kerala

Alappuzha Lighthouse- a heritage spot in Kerala

Alappuzha Lighthouse- a heritage spot in Kerala

Alappuzha Lighthouse- a heritage spot in Kerala

Alappuzha Lighthouse- a heritage spot in Kerala

Situated at the Alleppey Beach, the 150 year old Alappuzha Lighthouse is a wonderful sightseeing spot. It has been built in a traditional way and is a nice option for the local fishermen to keep on their business. The height of the lighthouse is 30 meter followed by hundred wooden steps. It requires a fit and healthy body to climb on these steps. The 360 degree view from the top is just awesome as you look upon the surrounding area and the blue sea. The top of the lighthouse possess a platform that can hold up to 20-25 people. After getting up the spiral staircase you would be amazed to see the spectacular view around.

About Alappuzha Lighthouse

The lighthouse is quite historical and due to its stripped red and white colors it looks bright and visible from very far of distance. An interesting fact about it is the shape which is like the shape of ‘queen of chess’. Those who are interested to know about the past record of the place, then surely this spot could give you some glimpse of that time. It is not that easy to climb hundred steps upwards but it is not that tough too. You need to be free from any type of asthma problem or knee joint issue. The most important feature that made it a lighthouse is the light used here. The tall building made of lateritic stones used to glow with a double wick lamp previously. Later a gas flusher and drum optic was placed there. Gradually in the year 1960, all those were replaced by an emergency lantern. Finally on this 20th century the old lamps were changed into Halide Lamp of 230 volt. During the ancient days, the light in the lighthouse was the brightest in the region.

History of Alappuzha Lighthouse

After going through the history of Kerala we come to know that the region was previously ruled by Portuguese and the English traders. Before the English rulers it was under the rule of Marthanda Maharaja when the construction got started. And it got completed when Maharaja of Travancore was in power. During the rule of these kings, the British rulers cooperated with them to build the lighthouse. The spot where the lighthouse stands now was one of the busiest ports for trading. Other than the lighthouse there is a museum that houses many old exhibits.

Useful information

The charge to enter the lighthouse is 10 INR for adults and 3 INR for children. The rate for the foreign tourists is 25 INR. There is a museum and its entry fee is 20 INR. It is situated at civil station Ward of Alappuzha close to the beach of Alleppey which is 4 km away from the town of Alappuzha. It is a nice sightseeing spot which got built in the year 1862. The visiting hours starts from 9 to 11 in the morning and then again from 3 PM to 5 PM and is opened on all days of the week.  It is easy to reach the spot that lies on the same way towards the Alappuzha Beach. The railway station is very close but the Kochi Airport is quite far.

Staying there

There are many luxurious resorts around the lighthouse. Some of the well known resorts in the vicinity are Vismaya Lake Heritage and Fab Hotel Kuwait Residency. The Wind and Waves Alleppey Beach Stay is very close to the lighthouse which stands within a distance of 200 m. Arcadia and Royale Park are just beside the spot. Other than these hotels there are many OYO hotels you could find at reasonable price. So staying there is not an issue. Now if you are staying then definitely you would not go back home by just visiting one spot. You would also want to visit the nearby attractions.

Nearby attractions in Alappuzha Lighthouse

There are many other beautiful options you could visit other than the lighthouse. Some of the places are St. Mary’s Forane Church, Mullakkal Temple, Sri Krishna Temple, Marari Beach, Krishnapuram Palace, Kayamkulam, Pathiramanal and the most wonderful and serene Alappuzha Beach. The Alappuzha Lighthouse is a heritage destination and is a good one to look back into the history.

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