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Alibaug tourist places

Alibaug tourist places

Alibaug tourist places which you musnt miss

Alibaug, with its mix of sun, ocean and history, is a famous end of the week goal from Mumbai. Arranged 30 km south of Mumbai in Raigad region, Alibaug was a critical maritime base of the Maratha lord, Shivaji. The ocean fortress of Kolaba, which Shivaji worked in 1680 is additionally the town’s most well known fascination. Alibaug was created by the Maratha chief of naval operations, Kanhoji Aangre. Alibaug tourist places will give you, your much needed dose of history and enthralling sea.

The range additionally gave asylum to Bene Israeli Jews who fled their country dreading oppression. Israel Alley in Alibaug has a synagogue.

Huge extend of clean shoreline, delicate ocean, nation homes only a bounce from the seashore regularly shapes the possibility of an end of the week getaway for Mumbaikars. With crisp catch from the ocean and delicate coconuts to chug it down, Alibaug finishes the possibility of an end of the week getaway.

Alibaug tourist places  are a great way to have a fun family time peacefully with your loved ones. There is not a lot to do in Alibaug unless your sole design is to appreciate doing nothing other than setting off to the shoreline, skipping in the ocean or traveling to the various posts that lie like a pearl necklace along the drift. In any case, that has been the USP of the shoreline town. Alibaug offers a rest from Mumbai’s riotous way of life. Its closeness to Mumbai (only two hours from Gateway of India) makes it a paisa vasool (esteem for cash) goal.

Alibaug is an all-season goal. Be that as it may, the coming of downpours makes it a sentimental place and is likewise where Mumbai’s rich and acclaimed possess their end of the week homes.

Alibaug tourist places which are the most popular spots for visitors

Alibaug beach

Alibaug beach

On the off chance that you adore to exploring the beaches and is getting ready for an excursion than Alibaug shoreline is a standout amongst other place that you should visit in Alibaug. The best thing about this shoreline is that you can appreciate seeing the Colaba Fort. Take a short pontoon ride to the famous post which gives a wonderful view.

One can likewise visit the Ganesh sanctuary which is 400 years. Witness the glorious dusk while you are at this shoreline. The best thing about this shoreline is the natural air and the cool sandy shoreline. Have a great time Coconut drink or a Vadapav which is the extraordinary dish of Alibaug. One can likewise discover shoreline resort where you will discover assortment of vegan dishes.

Kihimil beach

Kihimil beach

Dusk, cool breeze and is looking for some photography than Kihim Beach is one such place you should visit. The shoreline is best known for its incorporating with the consummately clear water and the thick vegetation here and there the shore. Make some essential minutes with your loved one while you visit the quiet Kihimgoan and welcome a delectable Indian cooking. Kihim shoreline is around 12 km from S.T. Stop.

This shoreline is furthermore well known for the sorts of exceptional butterfly, feathered animals and blossoms. The shoreline is likewise known for its sandy shoreline and the coconut trees which develops in wealth in this locale.

Kolaba Fort in Alibaug tourist places

Kolaba Fort


There is no uncertainty in that investigating the fort is something which everybody loves to attempt unique. The concealed stories of the forts dependably entices us to investigate these spots. One such place which you would love to go is the Kolaba Fort which is situated at a separation of 1-2 kms from the shores of Alibaug.

The normal tallness of the fort dividers is 25 feet and has two primary doors one on the ocean side and alternate towards Alibaug. On the off chance that you are going by this fort amid the rainstorm you should swim through water at low tide. Another fascination about this place is The Siddhivinayak sanctuary inside the fort.

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