Beauty Must-Haves for Travelling

Beauty Must-Haves for Travelling

You will inevitably forget something or the other that later you will repent about. Due to time constraints, nowadays, people leave the hassles for packing bags for the last moment thinking that they can manage. But, then it becomes a hotchpotch. The things that you miss out may not be available at the destination you are travelling to. Even while on a trip it is necessary to maintain your beauty routine. This is a friendly reminder to help you include a few beauty must-haves in your packing bags.

Shampoo and Conditioner

It is recommended that every three days, you must shampoo your hair. Of course, if you shampoo, then conditioning your hair is a must. Make sure to carry both. This the basic hair care routine for all and cannot be avoided. Many hotels offer complimentary shampoo and sometimes even conditioner but they may not work well as they generally vary from person to person. Take the brand that you use and the one that suits you. Pack it in a small bottle with the quantity that can suffice the travelling duration period. For example, TRESemmé Keratin Smooth is your choice of shampoo and conditioner.

Face Cleansing

Make sure you start your day and end it with a face wash. Do not forget even while you are on a vacation. Buy a small pack that will be easier for you to carry. Example – Lakme Blush and Glow!

Sunscreen Lotion

This is very important especially if you are going on a vacation to sea beaches or even mountain areas which receive high UV rays. It is essential to apply sunscreen lotion every day if you are going out. But due to their busy schedule, people fail to continue applying it. It is basically to protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays of the Sun. Moreover, it will help to keep your complexion intact. So do not forget to carry in your travel kit. Prefer to use sunscreen lotions with SPF 50+. For example Lakme Sun Expert UV Sunscreen Lotions with SPF 50+.

Hydrating Sheet Masks

The are easy to carry because of their lightweight and provides quick results. It will help you to feel instantly rejuvenated and make your skin glow instantly. This wet tissue carries a beautiful aroma and will make your fresh. Wipe your face with it or just place it on your face for a while and close your eyes. Example – Johnson’s Facial Cleansing Wipes.


Never do your makeup on a bare face which is not moisturized. It is the worst thing you could do to your skin. And if you’re vacationing somewhere cold, don’t even think about it. Example – The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream!

These 5 are the most essentials for the travelling bag. It is best to avoid carrying the burden of things that are not really necessary. Otherwise, it will add more weight to the luggage. If you are concerned about your appearance just know you will not meet and see those people again ever in your life and neither will they see you ever again. But if applying makeup is something you love and enjoy, then carrying a lipstick of your choice and eyeliner are the basic and the most usual. Carrying the number of make-up products depends on the purpose of your travelling too. For example, if you are going to attend a wedding away from home or a show or an event, obviously you will require more like concealers, foundation cream, eye-shadows, blush and so on.

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