Best Restaurants in Paris

Best Restaurants in Paris

Find love in the most romantic place in the world Paris! People from all over the world come to Paris just so they could spend a cozy evening and show the romantic side of them to their loved ones in this beautiful place. Although it is important to fill your special someone with your love, it is also not that bad of an idea to fill your bellies as you stare into each other’s eyes and enjoy one another’s company.

Le Maurice

Le Maurice

Any gourmand who wants to wine and dine in a glamorous and fancy French restaurant will surely love the dining experience that they could get from Hotel Maurice. Situated in the heart of the city, Le Maurice will easily be spotted by any person craving for any good meal. The restaurant was redecorated several years ago by Philippe Starck but its old French designs were able to survive the changing atmosphere around it. With its mosaic floor, crystal chandeliers, heavy damask curtains at the windows overlooking the Tuileries Gardens across the street, Le Maurice looks even much more magnificent than it was before.

Fans of Escoffier vintage culinary techniques are going to enjoy the cuisine that Chef Yannick Alleno is going to prepare, much more than London around the corner. In addition to recent creations such as crispy green ravioli with a fricassee of snails and wild garlic, a starter, and spit-roasted red-wine marinated pigeon with red cabbage and apple juice, your heart, and your belly are going to be filled with content.



High-class restaurants are almost always pricey. Anyway, you are not paying for the name of the food joint alone, but also for the good food that you will be ordering. L’Astrance, a three-star restaurant on a cobbled side street in the 16th arrondissement is a difficult place to snag a table. Thanks to Chef Pascal Barbot’s French haute cuisine, the restaurant is always fully packed with hungry patrons.

With Chef Barbot’s love for vegetables, fruits, and fresh herbs combined with his brilliant and imaginative mind’s creations, people who do not usually love these healthy food options are surely going to want to ask for more.

Huitrerie Regis

Huitrerie Regis

Sometimes the best restaurants do not need to look that elegant on the outside. After all, it’s not the exterior that people are looking for but they are seeking the food. Nestled in the heart of Saint Germain des Pres, this is the best place in Paris to get impeccably fresh oysters, which are delivered directly from France’s Marennes-Oléron region on the Atlantic coast. Depending on availability, clams, prawns and sea urchins may also be part of the menu which will be served with bread and butter.


Maceo best restaurant in paris

In most fancy restaurants, the menu mostly consists of meat selection with some vegetarian options. Luckily for the vegetarians, Maceo’s Chef Thierry Bourbonnais gives importance to vegetables. Incorporating vegetables in the dishes make Maceo a good choice for those who avoid meat. The good thing about Maceo’s menu is that the theme of the menu changes regularly around a single vegetable which makes people keep guessing on what is the specialty of the day.

Spring Best Restaurant in Paris

Spring best restaurant in paris

In Paris, people would think that all restaurants are run by Parisian chefs, perhaps with a New Yorker thrown in occasionally. After all, it’s Paris, France. However, in the now popular Spring restaurant, an American chef runs the kitchen and makes the delicious dishes that tourists and locals are cravings for. Ever since he became chief of the restaurant, Spring has become packed with hungry customers all waiting to get their fill of dishes such as Basque country trout with avocado and coriander flowers and grilled New Caledonian prawns on a bed of shaved baby fennel.

For those who are just going to wander around the streets of Paris in search of a fine dining experience, do not forget to check out the abovementioned restaurants. Bon appetite!

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