Birthday Celebration Places in Mumbai

7 Birthday Celebration Places in Mumbai

Birthday Celebration Places in Mumbai: Birthdays are very special and everyone wants to celebrate it in a unique way. We all want a memorable celebration filled with fun, laughter and undoubtedly great memories. The celebration will make you remember the happy times spent with your loved one.

It will be great to celebrate the special day of the year in a wonderful venue. We have a list of luxurious and classy places to celebrate your special day. Spend some quality time with your loved one. Here is the list of

Top 7 Birthday Celebration Places in Mumbai

Cafe by the Beach

Cafe by the Beach - Birthday Celebration Places in Mumbai

This is a beautiful location to spend the special day with your loved one. It has got everything, it is next to the sea with dim lights and romantic ambiance. In short, this place is Goa in Mumbai. Enjoy a brief walk on the sand with a lip smacking cool drink in your hand. Nothing can be more relaxing and enjoyable on your birthday.

Location: Girgaun Chowpatty
Cost: 3000 INR for couples

Guests can also enjoy a boat ride. In addition to it, they can indulge in delicacies like wraps, sandwiches, and cocktails. If you are looking for a private, calm and serene place, this is the best place to celebrate the birthday in a romantic way. It is also a great place to plan a romantic surprise party.

Dome – The Intercontinental

Dome – The Intercontinental

If you want to enjoy the spectacular view of the Arabian Sea and elegant surroundings, then this place is the best to throw a birthday party for loved ones. This amazing place is located right on the Marine Drive stretch. Cut the cake along with a scenic backdrop of sunset with wonderful people around you.

If you want DJ can also play special songs as per your choice. Indulge in lip smacking Continental, Tandoor and Italian dishes.

Location: Churchgate
Cost: 5500 INR for couples

Aer – Four Seasons

Aer – Four Seasons - Birthday Celebration Places in Mumbai

Aer – Four Seasons has got it all. It is the perfect place for luxurious open-air rooftop parties. The decor is marvelous. Groove on amazing dance numbers played by DJ, followed by amazing cocktail which will make your special day more special.

This place is very famous for the ambiance, it is sophisticated and cozy. If you are lucky enough, you can easily spot Bollywood celebrities too. It offers cuisines like Spanish, Italian, European and Lebanese. You can get a bird’s eye view of the entire busy city of Mumbai. You can also treat your eyes with a picturesque view of the sea. It is advisable to through an evening birthday party, your guest will totally love the entire experience.
If you want to give a special surprise birthday treat to your loved one, then this is a perfect choice.

Location: Worli
Cost: 8000 INR for couples

Pali Bhavan

Pali Bhavan - Birthday Celebration Places in Mumbai

Those wanting to have an awesome Indian style birthday should definitely visit Pali Bhavan. Treat your guests with delicious Indian cuisine. The decor is classic and vintage with spectacular old photographs which give a rustic feel. If you want to make your birthday special and memorable, this is a perfect destination with classy and elegant with a glimpse of British era.

In addition to it, this place offers a wide variety of India starters, meals and mouth watering desserts. It offers both veg and non-vegetarian dishes. You can also invite your elderly guest, they will totally fall in love with this amazing place, your birthday will be definitely a memorable one.

Location: Bandra West
Cost: 5000 INR for couples

Corniche – At The Waterfront

Corniche - Birthday Celebration Places in Mumbai

Corniche – At The Waterfront is located at Bandra West, with the most romantic ambiance possible. This place is has a dreamy decor in all white and blues. This place is best suitable for those who want to celebrate their birthday in a serene and composed manner.

Guests can enjoy romantic sea view and indulge in various delicious delicacies like Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Mediterranean, Spanish and Thai. If you want a small gathering of 5-7 people, you can check in here with your guests.

Location: Bandra West
Cost: 4000 INR for couples



Located at the heart of Mahalaxmi race course, this amazing restaurant is a charm with a scenic view. Welcome your guests with a fairy tale entrance, the interior is regal and vintage with beautiful outdoors for a perfect evening birthday party.

Apart from the delicious north Indian food and continental food if you are lucky you will even get to witness the horses when they are taken out to exercise in the grassy areas. The entire beautiful building is covered with creepers, which is a visual treat for all the nature lover. This place can easily accommodate 15-20 guests.

Location: Mahalaxmi
Cost: 4000 INR for couples

Jyran- Sofitel

Jyran - Birthday Celebration Places in Mumbai

If you want your birthday celebration to be a luxurious affair, then this place will fulfill all your desire. Enjoy the Arabic themed decor is serene and peaceful with delicious Mughlai food. Treat your guests with Persian royalty. You can even enjoy some amazing hookah to give you a relaxing feeling.

Enjoy a memorable evening with your loved ones. This place is a perfect birthday party hangout destination and is loved by all the lovers. The sea view is breathtaking. A part of 6-8 people can be easily organized.

Location: Bandra Kurla
Cost: 4500 INR for couples

I hope you have enough choice to select the best place for your birthday bash. Make it a memorable year with any of these best Top 7 Birthday Celebration Places in Mumbai. All the places are unique and exciting, I am sure you will have a splendid bash this year.

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