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Boutique Retreats in Europe

Boutique Retreats in Europe

Boutique Retreats in Europe

Boutique Retreats in Europe

Boutique Retreats in Europe

Exclusive Boutique Retreats in Europe

When looking to find boutique retreats around Europe, what do you tend to go for? Quiet locations where you can enjoy spa treatments and other activities, or city breaks where you can spend time soaking up the best of a new place. In terms of the former, going on a boutique retreat can mean enjoying 5-star luxury, as well as great local food, and the chance to either tuck yourself away in a remote location or see a city from a cosy position. What, then, are some exclusive boutique retreats around Europe?

1. Babington House

Babington House - Boutique Retreats in Europe
Babington House

This stately home in Somerset comes with a cinema, tennis courts, spas, swimming pools, and family amenities, and costs £320 a night. The house has 32 rooms and suites, which include four-poster beds, while steam rooms and a gym are also available on site.

2. Hotel du Castellet

Hotel du Castellet
Hotel du Castellet

Located deep in the heart of Provence in France, Hotel du Castellet has 42 rooms and a 2 star Michelin restaurant on site. Activities you can try nearby include mountain biking and golf, while the hotel also includes an indoor pool, a spa, and reflexology treatments.

3. Casale di Brolio

Casale di Brolio -  Boutique Retreats in Europe
Casale di Brolio

This retreat can be found in the rolling hills of Tuscany, and only consists of 4 rooms. The boutique hotel offers cooking classes and art lessons, as well as the chance to explore the wine regions in the nearby area of Arezzo. Casale di Brolio costs 130 Euros for a double room per night, and can also be rented out in its entirety.

4. Canal House

Canal House

You can enjoy the city of Amsterdam from a boutique hideaway in the Jordaan district – the Canal House contains 23 rooms with silk and velvet dressings, as well as a suite that takes up the entire top floor of the hotel. Ideal if you want to relax while seeing one of the best European cities you can visit.

5. Carberry Tower

Carberry Tower - Boutique Retreats in Europe
Carberry Tower

Located near Edinburgh in Scotland, Carberry Tower represents a luxury retreat with 30 bedrooms, tower rooms, and 18th-century decorations. The Tower has been used as a stately home and estate and has also hosted visits from the Royal Family.

6. Areti Bungalows

Areti Bungalows
Areti Bungalows

This retreat can be found on the Sithonia Peninsula in the northern part of Greece and represents a series of bungalows. You can swim in the Mediterranean, enjoy water sports, and explore private beaches from the hotel, with yoga classes also available.

7. Grand Hotel des Bains

Grand Hotel des Bains - Boutique Retreats in Europe
Grand Hotel des Bains

A boutique hotel and retreat in Brittany, France, the Grand Hotel des Bains is distinguished by its range of architectural and design influences, as well as by its beauty treatments, sailing, cooking, and local food courses. The hotel is designed to be a getaway from the busy pace of modern life and contains 30 rooms.

8. Ada Hotel

Ada Hotel

You can get away from things in this retreat, which is based in Bodrum in Turkey. As well as adjoining onto a private beach, the Ada Hotel has a heated indoor pool, traditional wall hangings and carved stone architecture, as well as Wi Fi, and an excellent restaurant.


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