Christmas Vacations in Dubai

Top 10 Best Places to Spend Christmas Vacations in Dubai 2023

The countdown has begun and planning to celebrate this most awaited Christmas and New Year celebration is still on paper. You need to transform your planning into reality to celebrate the Christmas holidays. If still, confusion is in mind, you need to remove it by planning holidays in Dubai – the most charming place, where you can see everything in a modern way. Dubai is the most wonderful location to make your Christmas special. Although it is an Islamic nation, the spirit of people about this festival is amazing. During Christmas, malls, stores, restaurants, and offices are beautifully decorated with a well-lit Christmas tree, snowman replicas, and colorful lightings.

Places to visit in Dubai this Christmas

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a five-star hotel in Dubai. It is the tallest building in the world. All the stories are well lit and decorated. This is the center of attraction in Dubai and during Christmas, its beauty reaches the next level. So it becomes the most visited suitable place to have an awesome Christmas evening.

2. Habtoor Palace Christmas market

Habtoor Palace Christmas market
Habtoor Palace Christmas market

The Habtoor palace is a Hotel in Dubai here you will find several festival activities like carol music, beautiful markets, and varieties of food. Here Christmas is celebrated in a different style before Christmas markets are decorated and run up to midnight. They have also provided a space covered with snow for children to play. Habtoor Palace is situated in Al Habtoor City.

3. Christmas tree lights at Irish Village

Irish Village is the place where you should stay for 11 days to the Christmas countdown. The lighting done here attracts everyone to spend their Christmas in the most magnificent way.

4. The Night before Christmas, Madinat Theatre

We celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday as Christmas day but there are some people who don’t have any idea about Christmas and they don’t know “why do we celebrate Christmas?”. This is the place where the whole story of Jesus is shown for two days before Christmas night. It fills up everyone’s soul with the Christmas spirit.

5. Cirque de Cuisine, Atlantis

Cirque De Cuisine is the place where you can enjoy the culinary arts of food and drink with your family. Here you will have a fantastic dining experience ending with dessert. Santa and his elves will accompany you to the restaurants during your meal.

6. The Nutcracker, Dubai Opera

Tchaikovsky’s ballet music with many dance forms is performed here by the Nutcrackers. It enriches our hearts with the spirit of Christmas and makes us fall in love with Dubai.

7. WAFI Santa’s grotto

This place is amazing for kids especially here they get gifts from Santa. This is a very beautiful place covered with snow and a large number of trees can be seen here decorated firmly.

8. MOE Ski Dubai

MOE Ski is the best place for you and your family to go skiing, snowboarding, and play in parks with snow. This is a very cold place, to keep yourself warm you can also visit Saint Moritz Café. If you are with your kids and still looking for the most charming place to celebrate Christmas in Dubai, don’t forget to spend some time at MOE Ski Dubai.

9. Fort Island Festive Market at Madinat Jumeirah

This is a traditional German market containing all types of goods for kids as well as for teenagers. Teenagers can amuse themselves by bungee jumping. This is also a suitable place for kids such as they will find Santa Claus there, an array of food stalls, and many more games to entertain them. With the beginning of the lights, the place turns into the most charming one to spend time shopping. Plan a trip with your family this Christmas and celebrate some memorable moments at Fort Island Festive Market at Madinat Jumeirah.

10. JA Hotels Christmas events

JA Hatta Fort Hotel

JA Bateaux, JA Oceanview, and Hatta Fort Hotel are several festivities to make your Christmas unforgettable. They will not only make your Christmas special but also your New Year. It will fill your soul with the spirit of Christmas and you will have a great time with your family and friends.

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