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Famous Chicago Food Items

Famous Chicago Food Items

Famous Chicago Food Items

Famous Chicago Food Items

Chicago Food Items

Famous Chicago Food Items

Famous Chicago Food Items

When visiting the fun and interesting city of Chicago in the state of Illinois, many visitors want to try their many famous foods. Chicago is a melting pot of cultures, and with that comes many different food items from all different countries and cultures. This makes Chicago a great place to visit if you are a “foodie,” as the number of food options truly seems endless.

Most people want to try a new city’s famous food items. Whenever you travel to a new place, you usually want to try what food items that they are famous for, correct? I am definitely this way, as when a place is famous for something, they are probably the best. And I want the best food!

The three main food choices for Chicago visitors that I have noticed include Italian beef sandwiches, Chicago-style hot dogs, and the different Chicago-style pizzas. There are of course many other famous food items that are from Chicago, but these are the top three that most people “demand” when they visit this great city.

When I visited Chicago a few months ago, I had both the Chicago-style hotdogs and the deep-dish pizza, and they were both delicious. These are both food items that I could honestly never get sick of.

Italian Beef Sandwich

Famous Music Festivals in 2020 in Europe to Keep you Tuned up 0 SHARES   Share on Facebook   Share on Twitter         Music & Europe have a historical touch which has laid the foundation for some of the best electronic music festivals. While the ultra-grand Tomorrowland is always the on the top of the sheets, there's no scarcity of other amazing events spanning in every corner of Europe. It doesn't mean that you have to be a fan of techno or house, experimental or bass, EDM or electro, but yes once you attend any of the festivals, you'll surely turn into a die-hard fan. Yes, we guarantee it! We have shortlisted the upcoming music festivals and concerts in Europe to make your 2020 and EuroTrip a cosmic one. Have a look! 1. Tomorrowland   Famed for its superb line-ups of the world's best DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and much more, Tomorrowland is organised in the city of Boom, Belgium. The lineup is not the only thing that is so amazing, even the decorations, attractions and exceptional stage design make it so extraordinary. Being a part of Tomorrowland is like being a part of a new world of its own. With every passing year, it is growing bigger and becoming grander. Tomorrowland is like being a part of a new world of its own. If you really want to feel the magic of this musical mayhem, do talk to someone who has attended it, we're sure their eyes and expressions will speak all about it. When & where: 17-19 & 24-26 July 2020; Boom, Belgium 2. UMF Croatia   Doing just to its name, Ultra Music Festival is truly ULTRA. What are the reasons? Well, firstly its world-renowned line up of DJs like Marshmello, David Guetta, Afrojack, DJ Snake and other known DJs and secondly for an all-out party atmosphere. Each year thousands of people pack in Split to hear the biggest names in hip hop and industry play their pumping tracks. Since its debut in 2013, the festival has hosted hundreds of thousands of dance fans from more than 75 countries, making the festival a truly global spectacle. When & where: 10-12 July 2020; Split, Croatia 3. Oya Festival   Taking place every year since 1999, Oya Festival has gained its name as one of the most notable cultural events in the nation. Since 2014, Toyen Park has been the location for the festival. Who has performed at this festival? Starting from Kanye West, The National, Aphex Twin, Tool, PJ Harvey, Outkast, the list is enormous. Although, the Oya Festival shines with its stacked lineup, but what does it outshine for? It is also one of the greenest festivals around the globe, and the credit goes to no other but its gorgeous natural beauty of Norway. When & Where: 11-15 August 2020; Oslo, Norway 4. Awakenings Festival   An iconic Dutch brand, Awakenings Festival has celebrated more than 2 decades of spectacular lineups and superb effects for its hoards of European techno fans. Being a relative elder statesman of the electronic festival of Europe, it is expected to be grand and guess what? It never disappoints. With eight stages for two consecutive days, the techno music keeps going on and on. This year's Awakenings lineup is yet to be announced. When & where: 27-28 June 2020; Spaarnwoude, Netherlands 5. Sziget Festival   If we had to name one festival which doesn't need to spend a single penny on its marketing and still all tickets are sold out every single year, Sziget festival would be one such musical mayhem. Last year there was a massive line up of renowned artists like Ed Sheeran, Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, Foo Fighters, Jungle, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and this year you can expect the same or even better! and best part is, Budapest makes an incredible host city. When & where: 5-11 August 2020; Budapest, Hungary 6. Sonar Festival   Taking over the city of Barcelona for a weekend with its experimental music from an unparalleled range of styles and genres, Sonar Festival is a masterpiece when you ask the Spaniards as well the travellers who have visited it. Making it grander this year with Gorillaz, Diplo and LCD Soundsystem in the headliners, Sonar boasts clubs, bars, rooftops, poolsides welcoming music fans and industry professionals to make a cosmic connection standing united at one place. When & where: 18-20 June 2020; Barcelona, Spain 7. Primavera Sound   Indie King and a massive fanbase of new music, Primavera Sound rightfully flaunts itself on pushing the other side of the music festival into the spotlight at such a grand level. With paramount creativity and headliners like Lana del Ray, Cigarettes After Sex, DJ Shadow, and Khaled, Primavera Sound is a standout when talking about the best music festivals in Europe. When & where: 3 June – 7 June 2020; Barcelona, Spain 8. Nuits Sonores   With immense fan base artists like Paula Temple, Jennifer Cardini, Daniel Avery and Four Tet, Nuits Sonores is a gallic showcase of the underground electronic music. In 2018, Nuits Sonores celebrated its 16th edition, and it was fabulous. The art galleries, clubs, industrial wastelands and rooftops of Lyon play host to an exploration of music as well as arts, not just in the day but in the nighttime with famous DJs co-curating their own lineups. When & where: 19th May - 25th June 2020; Lyon, France 9. Don't Let Daddy Know   Stacked with lineups of huge names in the electronic music industry like Nicky Romero, Da Tweekaz, MC Villian, Dimitri Vegas, Don't Let Daddy Know cannot be left out when talking about the best music festivals in Europe as well as in the world. Hypnotising stage design, high octane partying, booming beats and of course the energetic crowd, DLDK has quickly grown into a global brand. Spreading a family vibe all over the world, DLDK contributes in tourism of the Netherlands due to its popularity. If you love which we know you do, Don't Let Daddy Know is your zenith for the cosmic get-together. When & where: 6-7 March 2020; Amsterdam, Netherlands 10. Mysteryland   Around the end of August each year, Mysteryland opens its grounds for a weekend close to Amsterdam. Guess what? It’s the oldest dance music festival in Holland and has been around since 1993. A breadth of genres, the fun Dutch crowd, and a beautiful green venue are few of the many things that will make you fall in love with Mysteryland. In 2018, Mysteryland was pumped up with the line up of Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Mike, SIGALA, Ben Gold, Diplo and much more. We'll have to wait to see who is performing in 2019. One last question, If you love dance music, why not check it out? When & where: 28-30 August 2019; Amsterdam, Netherlands Europe has always been every traveler's dream destination, and these music festivals have been the constant aggregates for developing these feelings to grow stronger. True?

The Italian Beef Sandwich is a famous Chicago-style sandwich that is created with very thin strips of roast beef and spicy vegetables on Italian bread.

Al’s Beef (as stated again below) first sold the Italian Beef sandwich in the year 1938 with its first restaurant stand. So, if you want to try this sandwich at the restaurant that started it all, definitely stop into Al’s Beef and buy an Italian Beef Sandwich from here.

Here are some places where you can buy Italian beef sandwiches:

  1. Al’s Beef (this is the “creator” of the Italian Beef sandwich).
  2. Portillo’s (mentioned below as well, so you can knock off two Chicago food items on your list at the same time if you want).
  3. Johnnie’s Beef
  4. Beef

Chicago Style Hotdogs

Chicago Style Hotdogs

One of my favorites is the Chicago-style hotdogs. These are delicious and I try to get one as often as I can. These hotdogs are created with beef, relish a pickle spear, peppers, onions, mustard, and all on a poppy seed hot dog bun. They are stuffed to the max and are possibly the best hot dogs out there in the world. And, yes, I truly mean that.

A little history on the Chicago-style hot dog: It was said to be created in 1929. There are many hot dog restaurants in the Chicago area, so you will have no problem finding a restaurant that serves it. I have heard that there are more hot dog stands and restaurants than there are Mcdonald’s or other national fast-food chains.

Here are some places to find their famous hot dogs:

  1. Portillo’s
  2. Gene and Jude’s
  3. Hot Doug’s
  4. Redhot Ranch

Chicago Style Pizza

Chicago Style Pizza

If you have ever thought about going to Chicago, most people will bring up their famous deep-dish pizza. These are delicious and almost always call for a fork, considering how thick these pizzas are.

Since most people’s must-see list when visiting Chicago includes Pizza, here are some places that you should check out if you want pizza while you are in Chicago:

  1. Giordano’s
  2. Burt’s Place
  3. Gino’s


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