Fashion Street Mumbai

Fashion Street Mumbai

An Introduction to Fashion Street Mumbai

Fashion is the latest demand of people all over the world. Fashion changes as time goes by and people wish to stay updated with changing fashion. Trendy and traditional fashion is on the verge that has taken the maximum place in the life of the present generation. Mumbai stands out in the fashion industry as the place that houses many Bollywood film stars. Being a place of the film industry Mumbai gives rise to much of the new fashion. It is a region where fashion takes birth and spreads all over the country. Fashion Street Mumbai is one such place in South Mumbai where people from far and near come in search of modern fashionable materials. The street houses more than 350 roadside shops displaying outstanding fashionable dresses. It is just opposite the Bombay Gymkhana near Azad Maidan on MG Road.

About Fashion Street Mumbai

In the year 2011, January there was a green movement driven by the Shop owner’s association in Mumbai. The green drive renounced the use of plastic bags and declared the use of paper bags. The large shopping region is famous for selling clothes at a very reasonable price. The nearby attractions to Fashion Street are Colaba Causeway, Juhu Beach, Dhobi Talao, and Marine Lines. The street remains crowded from 11 AM in the morning till 8 PM at night. The shops on Fashion Street are promising and you can select from a wide range of varieties. The street is featured with materials of different ranges starting from low to high that can never be found in any other large shop. Designer brands are also available in a good rate cut-off. Materials such as shirts, denim, footwear, hats, and accessories for both males and females are available. Quality garments are imported and is dumped in roadside shops where lots of tourists are attracted.

Mini-restaurants are there that release the aroma of flavored street side food and people get attracted to the restaurants that serve awesome delicious dishes. This market on the street is really remarkable for its fashionable origin and differs from any other marketing complex. Bargaining makes it more attractive which is not allowed in any great complex. Most of the markets sell goods at a fixed price but this place is exceptional and quality products can be bought at reasonable rates you will be satisfied with both the products as well as selling price.

What to buy

When you enter the fashion market then do not be surprised to spot a horde of teenagers and students as they find the place very attractive and stroll around. The shops display a plethora of readymade garments collections at offbeat prices. Colorful bangles as well as traditional dresses, shining and smart jewelry altogether the shops are something more than a regular market. You must be careful about the prices. They can demand high prices if you are new to the region. You need to be clever and bargain with them as an experienced shopper or else you would be cheated. If shopping is your hobby then you can come up with really inexpensive great deals.

Reaching there

Cabs, autos, and local buses can be taken to reach Fashion Street. It stands within a parameter of walking distance from the nearby railway station, Churchgate and CST. Amidst both, these stations lie the main building of the VSNL office and the market lies just at its opposite. Or else there is an alternative route to reach the street. The Marine Line Station is situated at a distance of 10 minutes. From there you can reach MG Road, where the market stands.

Fashion Street is really a paradise for people interested in shopping and here everything is in front of you. You just need to bargain properly and make the deal final at its best. Other than fashion garments there are electronic gadgets, textiles, and furniture too. It is a one-stop shopping street where you can find everything and do not need to go anywhere else. So now this time you are in South Mumbai, exploring the market, and getting back home with materials of your choice. Shop, buy, and save is the slogan perfect for this Fashion Street, in Mumbai.


Fashion Street in Mumbai, India, is a popular shopping destination known for its street vendors and shops selling affordable, trendy clothing and accessories. It is located in the heart of Mumbai and has been in existence for over a century. The street has a rich history, starting out as a hub for textile traders and tailors. Over the years, it has evolved into a hub for fashion and street style, attracting local residents as well as tourists from around the world. Despite the changes and challenges it has faced, Fashion Street continues to be an important part of Mumbai’s cultural heritage and remains a popular destination for shopping and people-watching.

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