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Gangapur Dam

Gangapur Dam

Gangapur Dam

Gangapur Dam

Gangapur Dam

The marvellous water-barrier – Gangapur Dam

Gangapur dam located in Nashik is considered as a longest earthen dam in Asia. The dam was constructed in 1954 on the river Godavari in the outskirts of Nashik city. Apart from water supply or other dam-related functions, Gangapur dam is a popular picnic spot just 10 km away from Nashik. It is a fun and amazing spot for outdoor activities which is also near the Sula vineyard, making the place most excitable to visit. You may come across a beautiful lake formed by the dam while a short walk to barren land. The picturesque landscape and scenic beauty of the place are second to none and surely going to make oneself spellbound.  The dam is exceptional for stargazing and watching moonrise while standing on highest point. There is beautiful and attractive garden nearby the dam where one can spend leisure time with family. The lush green outfield and beautiful flowers surely make it a perfect spot for a picnic but one may require permission from the chief executive engineer of the dam.

Things to enjoy at Gangapur Dam;

Perfect spot for nature lover

The Gangapur dam’s freshwater ecosystem provides the opportunity for the nature lovers to explore the various algal forms of taxonomic groups. The construction of damn is pretty phenomenal along with awe-aspiring views one can certainly enjoy the variety of Flora and Fauna found in the freshwater ecosystem. The place certainly freshens ups one’s mind and gives perfect time for mood lightening. The Gangapur dam is the perfect spot for watching the beauty of Sunset. One can pay attention to the number of benefits provided by the dam including River navigation, water supply, and waste management and maintaining ecological balance.

Delightful Picnic Place in Gangapur Dam

What better way to enjoy your weekend with family than spending time picnicking in the garden alongside enjoying the perfect mix up of nature and human construction. The scenic beauty along the downstream of the river Godavari makes the place altogether more magical and delightful. The couples enjoy coming here especially at the beginning of the monsoons making Gangapur dam really popular place to visit in Nashik. The refreshing breeze and wonderful birds will make your day more amazing. It is advisable to take a camera along with you to capture all the joyful and breathtaking moments.

Religious perspective

The Gangapur dam is one of the biggest dams builds on the river Godavari. The dam accumulates the water from the sacred Godavari River making the place more important from a religious perspective. According to the Puranas, one must visit river Godavari before visiting River Ganga. The Kalaram temple and Ramkund are also not very far away from the dam so tourists can certainly add that to their list.

Others place to explore near Gangapur Dam

You surely don’t want to miss the Sula vineyard during the visit of Gangapur dam as it is very near making your trip more excitable and fun. Zonkers Adventure park also within the touching distance from the dam and is an awesome place for adventure seekers. Shopping lovers would love to shop at the Nashik city Centre mall.

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