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Horse Riding in India

Horse Riding in India

Horse Riding in India

Horse Riding in India

Horse Riding in India

Horse Riding in India

Horse Riding in India

 Horse riding is a very famous adventurous activity. It was one of the ancient games, which had become popular in the 21st century. Earlier it was used as a means of transportation, but in the same areas of India now also it is used for that purpose. It was mainly used by the kings and also was a sign of royalty. Many people love to do horse riding. In many countries horse riding, the race is also organized, and India is also one of them. Some people are having a passion of doing the horsing riding. India also has many places which provide this adventurous activity, which are named as follows:

Leh Ladakh (Jammu & Kashmir)

Ladakh is having large landscapes, which gives the amazing experience of horse riding in India. As it is one of the best horse-riding destinations in India. As, it is having cold deserts, large plateaus, and huge mountains with lush greenery all around. Horse riding is one of the ways, through which you can explore Ladakh. There it is also known as Horseback safari. In Ladakh, the nomadic people at Changthang Plateau can be seen doing this activity. There are some of the places in Ladakh where you can enjoy Horse riding are:

Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra)

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Mahabaleshwar is situated at a height of 4,500ft. It is very famous for horse riding in India. This is a very beautiful hill station, which will give you an excellent experience of horse riding. There is an Echo point, from where you can take horses for your long and short rides. It is fully covered with lush greenery. Some of the famous places in Mahabaleshwar are:

  • Veena Lake
  • Table Land Point
  • Pratapgad
  • Arthur Seat Point

Udaipur (Rajasthan)

Udaipur horse raiding

Horse riding is the best way, to explore Udaipur. It is known as the romantic city of India. Many forts, palaces, and majestic hills can be seen on the back of the horse. This location should be explored with your partners. Many horses are decorated in the traditional way. Many royal horses can also are also available there. If you want some V.V.I.P., treatment then you can also adopt that. As, in that, you get to listen to many of the king’s stories and many palaces to visit, which are used by the Maharaja. Many ranches provide horse riding are:

  • Krishna Ranch
  • Princess Trails
  • Pratap Country Inn

Digha (West Bengal)

Digha Beach Gallery 2 - Horse Riding in India

Digha is very famous for its horse riding in India. It is mainly located at the meeting point of the river Hooghly and the Bay of Bengal. Visitors mainly like the Digha beach, as it is very beautiful, because of the crystal blue waves, the beach is totally covered with golden color sand and the amazing view of the sky. The horse riding of Digha is just amazing. As, it is done at the sides of this beach, which is the perfect place for that. This place is very much calm and relaxing. One can take the full enjoyment of “horse riding in India”, at Digha.

Shillong (Meghalaya)

Shillong Sightseeing Tours

Shillong is situated at a height of 1,965m, above sea level. It offers you a beautiful scenic view. It is one of the perfect destinations to spend the holidays. Visitors love this spot because of its greenery. It is also known as the abode of clouds. The Britishers had started horse riding here and till now it is being done. The mountains of this place are very thrilling. Horse riding in India will be in completed without the ride in Shillong.


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