How to Travel with Pets

How to Travel with Pets

If you are reading this, then definitely you are a pet owner or will be one. Travelling with pets requires good preparation and doing a proper research beforehand will always benefit you more. It is very important to be aware of what will be the safest and the most comfortable way of travelling with your pet companion. Cats are always better off in their own homes and are not considered a good travelling partner but the four-legged dogs are man’s best friend and they can happily and playfully accompany you during your vacations. Only dogs and cats are only categorized as pets. Birds and reptiles cannot fall under the list of ‘pets.’ Initially, it might seem problematic to travel with pets, but with time both you and your pet will gain adaptability.

You need to maintain a separate luggage for your pet. Pack their food, toys, blankets, food and water bowl, etc. so that even the pets feel like home wherever they go. Consider the temperature of the destination and take things accordingly.

By Airlines

Many airlines have restrictions against certain breeds of dogs. You should call and ask the airline or check out their website to see if you can take your dog with you. Carrying a pet dog with you might change your flight plans, cost you more and usually takes longer hours for inspection. Most airlines allow you to carry your pets if they are under 9 kg and can fit in airline’s carriers. If your dog weighs more than 9 kg, then it needs to be carried by a separate cargo flight. Make sure to follow the certain rules if you are transporting your pet by a check-in-baggage or a kennel. Puppies who have not reached 12 weeks after their birth are usually not allowed. Research and gain knowledge more about airlines rules and regulations for carrying pets. Your pet might be required to be vaccinated. No water or food should be taken by the pets 12 hours prior to flight time. You cannot give any sort of meat bones or organic things to your dogs on a flight to keep them engaged and also relaxed. You need to find another suitable alternative to that. Never drug or medicate your pets, as it interferes with pet dog’s body regulations. Keep your pet stress free by taking them for a relaxing walk before the flight at the outdoor area of the airports. to attach your contact information on both your pet’s collar and its carrier.

By Car

Your pet cannot roam about your car because that would lead to accidents. You can help ensure a safe trip for the pet with a seat belt or any kind of harness. The pet must be seated in the back seat with its head and paws inside. Stop every two hours to allow the pet to a toilet-break and some exercise. A human friend must sit next to the pet.

It is best to travel with pets by these two modes of transport. But the second option is always better. When you transport your pet by airlines, you are carrying many risks along with you. Air travel can be more risky for pets than journeys by car. Dogs like the bulldog, pugs and Persian cats have a small nasal passage which causes breathing distress in heights. Increased in their body temperature can also cause heat stroke. Even though the car can be an alternative for their transportation, but it may not be possible always, especially if you have to cover the huge distance and you cannot leave your pet at home.

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