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Kallanai Dam in Tiruchi

Kallanai Dam in Tiruchi

Kallanai Dam in Tiruchi

Kallanai Dam in Tiruchi

Kallanai Dam in Tiruchi

Kallanai Dam in Tiruchi

Kallanai Dam in Tiruchi

Kallanai is the pride of Tamizan as it is only dam in the planet that has been functioning for more than 2000 years. It is situated in Tiruchirapalli district of Tamil Nadu and attracts lots of tourists due to its strong architecture and impressive engineering structure. Kallanai Dam is known as the Grand Anicut of India and is the fourth oldest dam built by King Karikala Cholan over the Cauvery River. The main reason to build the dam was to divert the water to delta regions for irrigation purpose. Over centuries this dam is still serving the state with a blissful life by providing water to the crops.

Brief introduction to the Kallanai dam

The dam is not only a useful water reservoir but it serves as a tourist spot due to its wonderful scenic beauty. The rough stones used to construct it are strong enough to hold the dam for thousands of years. If you have a quite look to the dam, then you could watch the fishes reaching the surface at certain interval and the ducks chilling them by the mild weather. The birds are seen flying a few inches above the water and the water seems to scatter an essence of peace and freedom. The place is being used as picnic spot by the locals and there is a park nearby for the kids to enjoy.

The technology used is very unique as the stones are sunk in the river to make the water flow to the delta forming region. Previously only a lesser volume of water was used for irrigation but later with the idea of Captain Caldwell, the volume of water was raised to improve irrigation facilities.

Useful tips to follow before you go

  • The sunrise is the most beautiful moment of the day while you are at the dam, as the colour of the sky is cherishing and would leave you spellbound.
  • If you are there on any weekend then you must try fish fries and local snacks sold there.
  • You can watch many different species of birds if you can carry a binocular. And carry a hat too to prevent scorching sunlight.
  • And one more things to make you aware are that be careful of the insects inhabitants. Various unknown insects find their home at the dam. So make sure to carry insect repellent to avoid insect bites.

Activities to do

  • The Kallanai dam with its diverse natural beauty offers eye soothing scenario as the place facilitates several ecosystems inn its surroundings. The availability of enough water has attracted huge number of flora thereby giving way to the range of birds to hover around. You can feel refreshed and energised celebrating nature at the edge of the dam.
  • Secondly, there is a nature park where you can have a quality time with your love ones. Being a picnic spot you can lay your picnic baskets and blankets to relax under the sky. The lush green landscape and well maintained lawns is well matched with the environment. The park has little rides and area for playing games for the children. The place is well suited to both the adults and children.
  • And the interesting thing is that one side of the river is kept opened for the travellers. Spending time in the river with splashing water and small fish around is mind blowing. A natural bath in the river is definitely a different experience. The thick bushes and the forest at the background added up to the beauty of the Kallanai Dam. Fishing in the zone is also allowed for the visitors.
  • The mouth watering fried snacks and fish fries are the main attraction in the evening that ensures your convenient time with extra fun.

Route to Kallanai Dam

If you want to go to the dam then get down at Lalgudi station and take a cab from there to reach  the destination which is just 4 kms away. The nearest airport is Tiruchirapalli located at a distance of 15 kilometres from the site. The nearest bus stoppage is Chatiram which is 18 kilometrs from the dam. The dam is located near the Sarkarpalayam village where you can reach by hiring taxis.

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