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Kanpur Water Park Blue World – Enjoy Summer Vacations

Kanpur water park

Kanpur Water Park

Kanpur is a noteworthy city in Uttar Pradesh and is a beautiful place to live in. Not just there are some stunning shopping markets in Kanpur; however, there are some prevalent tourist attractions in Kanpur also. For the most part on the ends of the week, individuals either love to hang out for shopping, or they pay special mind to Kanpur Water Parks. Being a significant huge city, there are some great Amusement and Kanpur Water Parks. Summers in Kanpur are very harsh and to beat the summers going to a Kanpur Water Park is certainly the best decision.

Kanpur Water Park Blue World

Kanpur water park blue world is known to be one of the biggest Theme Parks in Uttar Pradesh. It is arranged at Mandhana-Bithoor Road, 2 km off GT Road, and is spread over a region of 25 sections of land with more than 30 energizing rides like Dry Rides, Water Fun, 9D Theater, Dinosaur Villa, and the biggest private musical fountain-cum-laser show of India. Blue world Kanpur water theme park likewise has India’s top dog Lift (Ropeway track) which is 1,000 running feet alongside a turning point as well. Here you will locate some particular themes, for example, European, Chinese, Egyptian, Mayan, Fairyland, Jungle, and our own one of a kind Indian Theme.

Kanpur Water Park Blue World

Blue world Kanpur park has a Fairy Land Water World which consist of 12 Platform Water Play Stations that also contain Aqua Funnel and Tat Pools. Kanpur water theme park blue world is a significant nature-accommodating spot with rich green yards giving a wide range of exercises and offices under one rooftop putting Kanpur on the national visit delineate. Blue World has additionally got stylishly lit-up Theme Zones, Restaurants, Kiosks, Pools, and significantly more. This blue world Kanpur water theme park has offices of worldwide guidelines.

It is an ideal place to invest in quality energy with your friends and family. Children, as well as individuals of each age bunch,  appear to enjoy here.

Blue World Kanpur Water Park

Uttar Pradesh is the second-largest city, and Kanpur evokes history and religion. The commercial and financial core of the state is located on the banks of the holy river Ganga. One of the iconic sights of the city is the well-known Kanpur Water Park Blue World Theme.

Theme Parks have been the most admired holiday destination for adventure seekers and people looking to run away from the sweltering heat of the cities. Blue World Kanpur Park offers plenty of rides that motivate visitors of all ages.

An amusement choice of sightseers is packed with daring rides and stunning shows as well as tearing carousel, whirling tower, and jumping frog ride. In the Kanpur park blue world It is congregated with people who are delighted to have family-friendly fun. Blue World Kanpur Water Park has a varied range of attractions from smooth to great ecstasy.

Blue World Kanpur Water Park

Kanpur park also features exhilarating rides that leave the riders panting and have their adrenaline draining. Surprising photo spout is the first of its kind private harmonious fountain in India. One of the key tourist attractions is the laser show on a water screen that is cherished by all travelers.

Other attractions comprise Western train rides, Jet planes, Columbus, and Ferris wheel. Kanpur water park Blue World is often visited to enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere. Blue world Kanpur water park draws a big number of visitors who multitude in to experience its rides, slides, and drops.

Spanning an area of 25 acres, Kanpur park blue world features stunning themes and country’s major private musical fountain and laser show. Featuring around ten huge slides and 25 exciting rides, it is a must-visit destination for all travelers visiting Kanpur.

Family Rides

In the blue world Kanpur water park one of the most successful rides that draw adrenaline junkies is the Columbus ride. People board on a boat named Columbus that sways them up and down. Boarding the Telecom bat is an incredible experience for the riders.

Swing Chairs are the most liked rides by little kids as they sit on the vivacious and colorful chairs and take thrilling rides. Polipo Octopus is mostly enjoyed by visitors of all ages. People can take impressive views of the whole Kanpur water park blue world at the Amphido Eye.

Kanpur water park Family Rides

Adrenaline junkies like the Blue Typhoon that takes all the members through stimulating twists and turns. With Suhana Safar, people get on a journey to find out the culture and legacy of the country passing through caves on a boat. Watch significant events like Durga Pooja, unique historical tombstones, Independence Movement, and well-known leaders.


In the blue world Kanpur water park, Visitors board on a trip to the planetarium at the Journey to Space segment and learn about the growth of earth, secrecies of the universe and the planets. The educational show developed for members of all ages takes them to the galaxy to find out the whole lot about the planetarium.

People board on the Monorail that is infused with excitement and elation to take a short trip around the blue world Kanpur water park. Come across the characters of 7D films up close at the imposing 7D Show. It gives actual and bracing knowledge to the viewers.


Ride on the dancing play on the beats of the Dancing Violin entertains the riders. Polipo Octopus takes the people up and down throughout its five to eight arms. Kanpur park blue world features a relaxing boat tour passing through the artificial lake with the astonishing Dragon Bridge and Chinese architectural monuments in the background.

Conspicuous Car rides of the blue world Kanpur water park are the most pleasant rides. And the family members keep striking each other riding the fun-filled cars.

Thrill Rides

Kanpur water park blue world holds an interesting and country’s first edge-based Chair Lift. People drive in the Chair that is 40 to 60 feet beyond the ground and pass through an area of 1000 feet. The greatest Chair Lift can bear only two members at a time.

An important feature of the Kanpur water park blue world is the Free Fall that slots in speed, elevation, and a high quantity of physical activity. Also trendy as an intense sport, it points out a fall from a tall formation connected to a large stretchy flex. Riders board on their favorite ride on the roller coaster for an unbelievable adrenaline flash.

Kids Zone

Kids Zone

Blue world Kanpur water park is most enjoyed by kids. Kanpur park blue world is recognized for its family-friendly attractions, which comprise a special zone for the kids. Adding up to their enjoyment are the Flying Chopper, Jingle Bells, and Umbrella Ride.

Children would experience it to be the most excellent place to splatter around. In the Kanpur park blue world, Kids would chill out boarding on the Flying Chopper. It is the special version of the carousel. Kids sit on the escalated log to take one fun-filled twist. Jingle Bells is the delighted ride by kids where they ride on the toy train and take an appealing ride.

Little ones would have excessive fun as they board on the Umbrella Ride that takes the children up to the sky and then slides down back. Younger lot aged three to eight years would have immense enjoyable sitting on the colorful ducks. These ducks take them on a tender ride.

Kanpur water theme park kids zone

Pools, Fun Slides

In the Kanpur water park blue world, children would enjoy the limited editions of the pool, fun slides, and activity center at the Tiny Tots Zone. They will have enjoyment and play as they get untamed at the Tiny Tots Zone. Sun and the moon at the Toon Tango catch children up and down at the same time rotating itself.

Kids zone of the Kanpur park blue world also features the hopping frog. It is a blend of the joyous go round and the hopping frog. It gives the kids an impression of sitting on a frog.

Another notable feature of the blue world Kanpur water theme park is the soothing ride of the cup and saucer. At the point, the small ones can sit within the colorful cups. Merry go round is a remarkable ride that kids aged between five years to ten years enjoy the most.

In Kanpur, a number of other amusing parks are also available. But Kanpur water park blue world is considered to be the best among all.

Jungle Water Park

Situated in Gambhirpur Kochhar on Bithoor Road, Jungle Water Park is known to be a standout amongst the most prevalent water park in Kanpur City. In the event that you are hoping to have an extraordinary time with your loved ones, Jungle Water Park is an ideal place to be in. With loads of energizing Water Rides, you can invest quality energy at this Kanpur Park.

Jungle Water Park

Sports Village

Situated in on Bithoor Road, Sports Village is extraordinary compared to other theme water parks in Kanpur. On the off chance that you need to have an occasion time with your loved ones, Sports Village is a perfect place to be in. With loads of bold Water Rides, you can invest great energy at this Kanpur Water Park.

Mogli Water Park

Mogli Water Park is situated in Ajgain on the Lucknow-Kanpur Highway, is one of its kind Water Park in Kanpur. It is an ideal stop for individuals of all age gatherings. Spread over a territory of 11 sections of land of rich green scenes. It gives an assortment of water slides and a great fake lake for drifting. Here, you can appreciate Camel’s ride also. Prepared experts are accessible at each slide and pool. And exciting Music is additionally given week after week to engage the visitors.

Final Thoughts

These were a few great places to visit in Kanpur while in summers or winters. Kanpur park blue world is the most admired place to visit with family and friends to enjoy summer vacations. Undoubtedly, blue world Kanpur theme park has no other duplicate in the city. Keep enjoying yourself and visit the blue world Kanpur water park every year. It’s a blessing to have such an amazing place in your own city, Kanpur.

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