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Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic Resorts

Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic Resorts

Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic Resorts

Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic Resorts

Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic Resorts

Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic Resorts

Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic Resorts

Many people view Las Vegas as a sinful place with no room for romantic activity. Contrary to this belief, it is true that you and your partner can have the best romantic moment ever if you check into some resorts in Vegas. There are hotel rooms and environments that are specifically designed to ignite that romantic moment you have been longing for and set you in the mood for a long romantic-filled vacation.

1. The Signature at MGM Grand

While MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is a symbol of Vegas and is always bursting with every activity imaginable in the city. A romantic couple has an opportunity to escape to some of the world’s luxurious and most romantic rooms. In these rooms, there is a clear absence of casinos but the services offered are attentive. There are romantically themed pools within the beautifully decorated landscapes to add flavor to your romance.

2. Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental

If you are feeling romantic and would like an Asian accompaniment, consider the Mandarin Oriental as your romantic getaway for the season. In operation since 2009, the hotel offers unique and luxurious romantic services, with polite staff always ready to treat you like the king and queen. Unlike most Las Vegas resorts, the Mandarin Oriental is calm and mature with scanty guests due to its small size. It is truly a great place to get to away from the noisy and active Sin City.

3. Palazzo Resort

Palazzo Resort - Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic Resorts

Palazzo’s big guest rooms have made it a favorite of many Vegas residents. Therefore, it is always swarming with people and is active throughout the year. But this should not make you shy away from the perfect services offered that add to giant showers with double sinks and a king-sized bed covered by Egyptian cotton sheets. You just might have a romantic moment like the ancient Egyptians!

4. Delano


The resort is preferred by couples who need an intimate romantic moment because it lacks the hectic casinos and blasting shows. The dark-themed hotel sitting in leafy surroundings offers a perfect sanctuary to a couple who need to escape the din of the city and to share a good moment. The staffs here are attentive and offer services with diligence. If you need a relaxing moment, a spa is right around the corner.

5. Skylofts at MGM Grand

Skylofts at MGM Grand - Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic ResortsSkylofts is a true definition of a luxurious romantic scene. The section within MGM offers exclusive services and accommodation that is worth the price tag. What you will miss elsewhere is the jetted tub bathrooms with fancy showers. Extra services offered to boost your heavenly romantic feelings include limousine transport and a separate entrance to a private reception area all for you!

6. Encore at Wynn

Marble bathrooms, gorgeous pools, numerous romantic options for dining, and luxurious rooms all characterize encore as a complementary choice for your romantic vacation. The resort is also good for a couple who would like to add a sense of pleasure to their romance by heading down to casinos and nightclubs.

7. Bellagio

Bellagio - Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic Resorts

The nearly 4000 room Italian Villa heavily pronounces a kind of luxury that can only be found in Sin City. Having five beautiful swimming pools and well decorated with monumental sculptures surrounded by dancing fountains, the place should definitely be included in your list of romantic getaways. The surrounding is Italian-themed and offers one of the most beautiful sceneries in the entire Vegas. On the other hand, the rooms have bathrooms made of marble with glass showers and soaking tubs. The room service is formal and attentive. There are indoor botanic gardens as well, with world-famous dancing fountains.

8. Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel - Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic Resorts

Though it hardly counts among the best hotels in Sin City, it fairs well when it comes to offering romantic services. You will have a feeling of harmony and serenity immediately you step into the reception. The rooms are ideal for the occasion, with great restaurants located just a stone’s throw away. The calmness of the environment assures you of relaxed stay away from the Vegas madness. But in case you want to break the silence, there are numerous hotels nearby with fully functional casinos and active parties.

9. Vdara Hotel and Spa

Vdara Hotel and Spa - Las Vegas 10 Most Romantic Resorts

The hotel is less than 5 years old and located right in the heart of the city. Everything is brand new! The suite rooms are fully stocked with the necessities with a separate living room and a kitchen just like when you are at home. The hotel also has a gorgeous spa and a little pool. If you need anything else, you only have to walk a short distance into the Strip area.

10. Nobu Hotel

Nobu Hotel

Nobu Hotel is another romantic getaway destination with an Asian taste. The decorations and the room’s interior design are an inspiration of Japanese culture, which is evident from the Hitsuzendo flowing ink brushwork on the walls. The rooms are mainly made up of teak and Umi natural tiles. For convenience, you can get to your room flawlessly via a specially designed elevator system. Technology is also employed in calling out for services, for instance, housekeeping. What Nobu offers is that it helps you in minimizing distractions so that you can concentrate on having a romantic moment with your partner.

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