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Mumbai Sightseeing

Mumbai Sightseeing

Mumbai Sightseeing

Mumbai Sightseeing

Mumbai Sightseeing

Several Tourist Attractions In Mumbai: Mumbai Sightseeing

Mumbai Sightseeing : Well, you have crossed the cities of the world and the exciting visit of the city of it. But to visit Mumbaikars tourist and resident, apart from the shopping mall and shopping streets, the city was considered as having no real cultural stimulation. Mumbai is full of history, but so overwhelmed by the lure of wealth if the finer pleasures were completely lost.

Here are some attractions in Mumbai

Mani Bhavan or even Memilikimu (this is the place to stay when Mahatma Gandhi lived at any time in Mumbai) a favorite of all the tourists who come to Mumbai. Mani Bhavan is the home of Mahatma Gandhi when he visited MUMBAI during the fight for freedom. It has a library, photos and letters of MAHATMA Gandhi and a doll museum that represent different phases of his life. Two adventurers Mani Bhavan, who tells us-one was a must-see for foreign tourists because while India could only give the folds in the Mahatma, the rest of the world is always fascinated by his life and work. The tranquility of his residence in Mumbai that belonged to his friend Zakaria wrote a letter to Hitler; A dolls museum illustrating real life in Gandhiji’s life as Dandy March; and a library with famous sayings about himself as “all men are born free and equal,” “Life is greater than all art.”

Dhobi of the outdoor laundry (this is where UK troops wear their uniforms with clothes without having a direction that happened). This place has become very popular among tourists and foreign tourists so we are asked to take them to the Dhobi. People can see the money laundering operation long stay even up to the present day. All that is needed to achieve the fame of the end is that Prince Charles visits to put it on your favorite list ala Dabbawallas.

Prince of Wales Museum (with pieces of historical value and Langkanya).

The different parts of the collections of natural history, archaeology and works of art are invaluable. Objects of art and artifacts stored in the Great museum must be considered as believers. Prince of Wales Museum, where we got a nugget of information on how the armor Akbar the Great museum for many years without its elaborate text written on it and so I don’t know exactly what it is.

Haji Ali Dargah

a complex of graves and mosques on a small island in the Bay of Worli. Cross the street to the submerged Dargah when the tide. Named after a wealthy Muslim merchant who built the building in 1431, it is said that Haji Ali died on the road to Mecca, and a coffin that contained his body adrift to the J of Mumbai. Dargah is visited by people of all religions.

Dabbawalas (a carrier of the TIFFN ship) Dabbawalas became famous all over the world when Prince Charles visited them and a documentary was also defended at the BBC. The dabbawalas are very professional because they distribute TIFF boxes in offices around the city really has no margin of error. Approximately 5 000 dabbawalas distribute the box of TIFFIN 2.1 million per day. Many business schools have invited Dabbawal to a presentation of their work as part of their case studies.

The gateway to India

The most important landmark of the city that was built on the waterfront in December to commemorate the 1911 visit of King George V and Queen Mary to the city. This is one of the points of interest that you cannot ignore visiting Mumbai. Also from here, people can go to the Elephanta caves on Ferry Ride, which has become another attraction in Mumbai. There are also boats that have surrounded the harbor for 20 minutes. Beauty added to the walkway was the Taj Mahal Hotel and towers located in front of the main gate of India.

Other tourist attractions are the Mumbai High Court, Juhu Beach, the animated shrine visited several festivals in India, Thief or Chor Bazaar (for foreigners), Crawford, Marine Drive, the hanging garden and much more.

Mumbai is the place where people from different actors, the cultures stay. Tourists are not only interested in the views of the different places, but also in the spirit of the Mumbaikars. The people in Mumbai are very attentive to their visitors and bring to life the saying in India “Athithi Devo Bhava” (located on the side of the Lord).

You can contact the Namaste City Tour tour options of Mumbai, City Tours Namaste will help you to enjoy places of interest and your taste in the time and budget available. Different options are available for sightseeing in Mumbai is a full day excursion, the Elephanta cave, archeological sites, and much more you can expect.

Thank you for reading the article about Mumbai Sightseeing.

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