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Okinawa Island

Okinawa Island

Okinawa Island

Okinawa Island

Okinawa Island

Visit Okinawa Island and learn to stay healthy

About Okinawa Island

Okinawa Island is one of the largest island in Japan which spreads across 70 miles i.e. 110 km in length and approximately 7 miles i.e. 11 km in its width. The island covers an area of 1206.98 square kilometers approximately. The island is located 640 kilometers at the southern part of Japan and on the other side 500 kilometers far at the northern part of Taiwan.

The History about the Island

According to the History of Okinawan, the culture of the island was defined as midden or shell heap. The culture was divided into early, middle and late shell mound periods. The early period of the shell mound was considered as the society of Hunter-gatherer. During the mound period of middle shell, the people of Okinawa Island had started cultivating rice. During the 12th Century the agriculture had started which had shifted from the seashore to the higher altitudes. This era was named as Gusuku Period. The peculiar Ryukyuan structures of the fortresses or the castles are commonly termed as Gusuku.

Several Gusuku and their associated remains which were found in the Ryukyuan island are considered as the World Heritage Site and been enlisted in UNESCO.

The nature pertaining to Gusuku consists of 3 major aspects

  • Dwelling encircled by stone
  • A Castle where leader or people stays
  • A place dedicated as holy destination

The Island had got various Historical event, stories of different aspects. However if you want to know more about the history then google Okinawa Island which would enlighten you with the knowledge of this beautiful place.

Stay Healthy and explore Okinawa Island

 As per my knowledge, there seems to be very rare people around, who had reached 100 years Old. However while you would visit Okinawa Island, you would come across with 457 people who are at the age of 100.

We all are aware that the average age limit of a man is 78 and woman is 86. Nevertheless, these people not only lives for a longer period, however they also stay happy and healthy with that certain age.

Wow… I am surprised

This island is known as the healthiest place across the Globe.

The Secret of the Island

The secret to stay happy and healthy is discovered which is available majorly in two things

  • Their Diet
  • Their attitude expressed for the life

It is noticed amongst the people, they don’t waste their time in getting stressed out and are not worried about any circumstances. The Coolest factor that had been noticed they had omitted the word “Anger” from their life. While been askedabout the secret of happiness to an 88 years old farmer, who works for 11 hours around the clock, he replied that he had adopted the life to enjoy and stay happy while they work which is considered as the major aid to pursue a longer duration of life.

The regular diet of the Okinawan people does not depend on red meat, however they eat Rice, Fish and Vegetables. Amongst all the dishes, Mimiga which is cooked with the Pig ears are considered to be the famous dish of this island. This food contains very low fat and is enriched with calcium. They also consume plenty of tofu and Vegetables and sweet food which are also considered as their staple food.


While you would research and go deeper to acquire knowledge about the island, you would get that chivalry to know about the secrets of happiness and healthy which are missing across the world. Because your life is crucial so as the attitude, hence we should learn from them the real secrets which is getting perturbed by unknowingness and anger

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