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Romantic trip in Manali For Honeymoon

Romantic trip in Manali For Honeymoon

Romantic trip in Manali For Honeymoon

Romantic trip in Manali For Honeymoon

Romantic trip in Manali For Honeymoon

Romantic trip in Manali For Honeymoon

 A complete guide to a Romantic trip in Manali For Honeymoon

Are you a newly married couple and looking for a honeymoon? How about planning a beautiful vacation tour to one of the mesmerizing places, Manali.

It is the time when two individuals from different regions, customs, and families immerse in a long-lasting relationship. The more critical part of a joyful beginning of life is the honeymoon. The geographical diversity of India led’s many couples to be confused about choosing a perfect honeymoon destination. Let’s plan to visit Manali. No idea about Manali; don’t worry, here is the roadmap to your trip.

Introduction to Manali

It was developed by Britishers during colonial rule and is now one of India’s most popular hill stations. It offers elegant weather and eye-catching views of snow-crowned mountain peaks and snow-covered grounds in winter. The breathtaking and stunning scenery of Manali is the perfect honeymoon spot for newlywed couples. This place is worth adding in your Manali honeymoon tour package.

Best Time To Visit Manali For Honeymoon

It depends upon your choice. There are two different seasons to visit Manali for a honeymoon. Following are perfect times to visit Manali:

In Summer: Between March to April is the perfect time to visit Manali. You are supposed to enjoy the lush green valleys and Deodar trees on enormous mountains. The temperature lies between 10°C to 30°C, which is ideal for a romantic honeymoon trip.

In Winters: In winters, the best time to visit Manali is October to February. The temperature lies between -3°C to 0°C, and the valleys are covered with snow and surrounded by snow-crowned mountains. If you’re looking to take pleasure in snow and winter weather, then winter is the perfect time to book the Manali Honeymoon Plan.

Romantic Places To Visit On In Manali

Manali is loaded with numerous elegant places which will fill your honeymoon with love and pleasure. Some of these destinations are mentioned below; keep in mind to visit these places:

#1 Jogini Waterfalls

Jogini Waterfalls - Romantic trip in Manali For Honeymoon

A free-falling water stream falls from an altitude of about 8956 feet. A deodar forest surrounds the beautiful waterfall. The enchanting waterfall is named after the Indian goddess “Jogini“. The version space of Jogini falls perfect for couples’ romantic moments.

#2 Solang Valley

Solang Valley

Located just 24 km away from Manali, Solang valley is home to various snow sports and adventurous activities. In winters, you are supposed to enjoy snowfall and numerous sports, including skiing, snowmobile excavations, river rafting and snow fighting.

#3 Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake - Romantic trip in Manali For Honeymoon

One of the high-altitude lakes of India, Bhrigu Lake, offers panoramic views from an altitude of 14000 feet. Snow-covered mountains and crystal clear freshwater surround the lake.

#4 Pin Valley National Park

Pin valley National Park

One of the most prominent places of tourist interest and perfect for newly married couples. Pin Valley National Park has the distinction of being the coldest desert within Himachal Pradesh and provides breathtaking views of semi-frozen river valleys.

#5 Tibetan Monasteries

Tibetan Monasteries - Romantic trip in Manali For Honeymoon

The ancient and beautiful architecture of Tibetan Monasteries is perfect for Honeymoon seekers in Manali. It is a must-visit destination to get blessings for a happy married life and beautiful landscapes and staying facilities.

Romantic Things To Do In Manali

Not only visit at romantic places will satisfy your honeymoon, but you are also supposed to perform some romantic activities like:

#1 Yak Ride:

Yaks are known as courses of Manali, don’t be scared of them; no animals are innocent in front of them. Rides on them will provide you with the most unforgettable trip. It’s worth it.

#2 Tree House Stay:

Instead of staying in Hotels, try Treehouse stay. It offers a beautiful experience along with breathtaking views of Manali landscapes.

#3 Manali Cafe Your:

Why not try coffee with your partner in a cold climate? There are numerous world-class cafes in Manali that offer delicious chocolate coffees. Try with your partner once in your Manali honeymoon package.

#4 Sunset Views:

Just imagine the panoramic views of the sunset in the background of snow-covered mountains. The views will fill your life with love and pleasure.

#5 Trekking:

Trek the lush-green mountains and Mall road; if possible, hire a trekker and try some adventurous activities along with your partner. Trek the high passes and snowy paths.

How To Visit Manali?

You are supposed to visit the mobile town of Manali through all means of transportation, whether by air, bus, train, or personal vehicle. Manali is easily accessible through the Indian road network. The nearest international airport is Chandigarh airport, and the domestic airport is Bhuntar airport which is about 50 km away from Manali.

For a honeymoon, the trip of about four nights and five days is perfect for covering all the destinations and enjoying all romantic activities with great joy and pleasure. It takes a full day to reach and depart from Manali; that’s why the trip is a little longer.


The trip is planned to meet all the requirements of a perfect honeymoon trip to Manali. Make sure to enjoy all the moments with pleasure and joy to enhance love and bonding between you and your partner.


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