Shangrila Water Park and resort

Shangrila Water Park and resort in Mumbai, Thane

Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra experiences a very heated summer with much humidity and therefore people are is chance of spending holidays in some amusing water parks. There are many water parks in Mumbai where people get a day’s relief from the high temperature. Shangrila Water Park is an interesting weekend destination that could be enjoyed with both family and friends. This is a place for adults as well as children. Playing with the artificial waves, swimming in clear water, and floating within water tubes are something where you would like to visit again and again.


The water park is situated in Thane on the highway of Mumbai to Nasik. It has been designed in an area of 15 arces. It is 11 m from the place Bhiwandi to Kalyan junction. The entry fee ranges from 750 (child) to 800(adult) rupees. The exact address is Borivali West near Bay view hotel. You can reach there by bus from Aatkoli bus stand (7 km) or from Paradise Fun Land (8km). The nearest railway station is Thane railway station, and Chhatrapati Shivaji is the nearest airport. The nearest major attractions are Tungareshwar National Park and Korum Mall.

Kids’ zone

Although the place is a wonderful retreat for all age groups, kids find the place more enjoyable as they get the chance to splash into the water for a long time. The second reason is that all the activities are related to water. There are securities in the park to keep a watch on the kids so they do get near the deepest side of the pool. However, parents are requested not to leave their kids here and there and to be always with them.

Resort on Shangrila Water Park

The water park also has great facilities for the guests. Shangrila resort is ready to welcome you and serve its best to make its customers happy. After getting tired of the whole day’s activities you need to take some rest and this resort has it all. From a luxurious room to a delicious meal, you would be taken care of during your valuable stay. The property has access to free internet. All basic amenities such as a work desk, television, and wardrobe is available. Laundry and medical assistance could be provided if you wish. In the house, a restaurant is there that serves awesome flavored delicacies.

Activities on Shangrila Water Park

A wide range of modern and interesting water activities are available in the water park and none can stop you from enjoying the life of a kid. You would be grabbed into your lost childish days and start splashing into the water.

  • Big splash is the name of the water park and beside lie a luxurious resort.
  • Magnificent rides are available for you from amazing pools to long slide loops.
  • There is an awesome ‘Great Ever flowing Waterfall’ that is hygienic and safe for you and your kids as the filtration plant is continuously supplying clear water. It is the highest point among the gorgeous resort that offers so many splashes.
  • The Rain dance Party could give you the feeling of a monsoon as it showers artificial rain upon you. Just imagine yourself to be under the overcast sky that comes with heavy downpours to shiver you. So get ready to feel the magic of life and its sensuality.
  • You got to hold your breath as you slide down the water loops in the highest speed you had ever experienced.
  • The pool is a perfect place to learn swimming lessons for toddlers. Your kids could learn under your keen eye. Just enjoy the water magic altogether.
  • Frolic into the water-filled pools and be ready to bring out the child within you.
  • There is nothing so much filled with fun when you when you come across the rides packed with action.


The picturesque hilly falcate has made the Shangrila Water Park more amusing. The resort inside it would provide you everything for spending a luxurious moment. You can stay there with your friends and family as you prefer. You must visit such a water park to take a break from the complexity of your daily routine. Water baths are really a proven method to cure your mind and body.

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