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Street Shopping In Singapore

Street Shopping In Singapore

Street Shopping In Singapore

Shopping is one of my hobbies and Bugis village is a paradise for shopaholics like me. If you ever wish to polish your street shopping skills while you are in Singapore, don’t miss visiting Bugis Street and Bugis junction shopping complex.

Bugis Street has a colorful history, Between 1950-1980 this street was famous for drop-dead gorgeous  transvestites. In Post 80s it went on a major renovation and also colorful Bugis street era also ended. Now what we see is, renovated Bugis street.

What to buy in Bugis?

Cloths, handbags, footwear, watches, electronics, funky mobile accessories, and many things all for cheaper rates. It’s the best place to buy souvenirs to gift friends and family back home.

Tightly situated shops and an array of shopping stalls remind me of Mong Kok street shopping in Hong Kong.¬† you will never go hungry in Bugis street because there are plenty of food stalls which offer many cuisines. It’s not only a shoppers paradise, it is also a place for all foodies.

If you are looking for sophisticated shopping, then the Bugis junction shopping complex is for you. There are many branded shops, you get almost all the brands in this mall and let me add plenty and variety of food stalls too.

I saw the below posters near Bugis street. This one brought a smile to my face. Safety is a big concern for solo woman travelers like me and the Singapore government gives priority to women’s safety. I felt safe travelling alone during late nights here. one of the night during my stay had a craving for food at post 12 Am. I was walking on the streets all alone, hunting for food and I was in absolute ease without any tension of a creep following me.

It was just a few minute’s walk to Bugis street from my hotel (Big hotel) where I was staying. I shopped for plenty of fashion accessories and souvenirs. It was a nice street shopping experience. If you are in Singapore, do not forget to make a trip to Bugis village, especially for shopping.


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