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Sushi Trail In Singapore

Sushi Trail In Singapore

Sushi Trail In Singapore

Sushi Trail In Singapore

Sushi Trail In Singapore

Sushi Trail In Singapore

Sushi Trail In Singapore

Sushi Trail In Singapore: Wikipedia defines Sushi as ” a Japanese food consisting of overcooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients, seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits”, some it is just a way of life. We however are not here to discuss the intricacies of making sushi, the different types, and its history. We instead embark on a delectable journey and find the best sushi Singapore has to offer. It comes as no surprise that highly urbanized Singapore, also a major financial hub has many Michelin star restaurants, a few of them serving sushi. Aoki, Shinji By Kanesaka, or Shinzo Japanese cuisine at Clarke Quay are probably some of the most famous restaurants serving the best sushi. But since most people know about them, we tried to find some other great eateries. Because sushi needs fresh fish, some places fly in the fish directly from Japan, which ensures very authentic food, but the price goes up as well. So keeping all the clauses in mind, we have found a handful of places, that have different price ranges, but are united in one aspect – all serve amazing food.

The Sushi Bar at Far East Plaza

I have often seen some of the best restaurants in totally unassuming places. The place where I shopped for groceries in Sydney was a typical shopping center with a grocery, meat shop, salon, and a restaurant. It had this cute and small Teppanyaki, that had very few seats and was always crowded. The antiques of the chef were such that often people gathered outside the glass window and watched him. I later found it was one of the best Teppanyakis around and highly recommended by patrons. When I found out about The Sushi Bar it reminded me of it.

The third floor of Far East Plaza is teeming with activities. Right in front of the barbershop is the small restaurant with an open kitchen. If you have made it this far, then you have just stepped into a well kept secret location for sushi lovers. Of course, do not compare with a fine dining establishment or you will be disappointed. The cons are many, service is terrible, often there are long queues and often guests are returned yet the food keeps everyone coming back for more.

The hands-down winner dish here is the Salmon aburi roll. The spaghetti with salmon roe is also very popular along with the sashimis and cherishes. Apart from little slips here and there, the food here is awesome agrees all.

Sushi Kou

Here is where affordability meets quality. Tokyo local KodaNaokatsu opened this place armed with 15 years of culinary experience. Situated in Hotel Orchid in Tanjong Pagar, this is another hidden gem for sushi enthusiasts. What draws most people here are the SG$50 Omakase sets which are really affordable yet delicious. There are higher price ranges, that include more upscale ingredients. The basic SG$50 set is a 5-course meal including soup and dessert. With each course served you will be offered an exotic experience. Raw fish here is imported directly from Japan, which ensures authentic taste. Though the Omakase set is very popular there are an SG$ 16 set lunch and a la carte menu as well. The menu has sashimis, rolls, wagyu beef, Kaisen don set, chicken teriyaki set, etc to choose from. At the end of the meal, it makes everyone happy both pocket and taste-wise making its name apt ( Kou means happy). 1 Tras Link, #01-16,

Abe’s Diner

Abe’s dinner is that perfect place if you are going out with someone who is not keen on sushi but you need to give in to your sushi craving. Abe’s dinner serves both Japanese and Euro-Japanese dishes that might suit all kinds of taste buds. Again compare it not with the upscale and the whole experience will be much better. Serving home-style Japanese food to the patrons, Abe’s Diner is a quaint little place in Tiong Bahru. Their Omakase is also reasonably priced (starts from SG$38). The sashimis are mostly fresh and you can hardly go wrong with them. Apart from that if you want to taste their European recipes, try the Seafood Gratin. It will take a considerable amount of time, but will be worth the wait!

The place has only 10 tables and reservations can be done in advance. But often it is easy to get a table even if you walk in.

Kaiho Sushi

Cuppage Plaza is well known in Singapore for its sleazy bars and health clubs. But for foodies, they know this place for its Japanese joints. Kaiho Sushi might be just one of those many joints, with no impressive exterior or interior. But the food here sets it apart from others. Try the sushi rolls, or the Sushi Mori that has 9 sushis, or Chirashi all are delicious and the seafood is fresh always. The Aburi rolls are very popular here. The Omakase starts at SG$80. You are

always going to get fresh Wasabi here from chef Bernard Tang, whose special skills ensure that the taste of the wasabi is good but it does not burn your mouth. If you are not bothered about the atmosphere in Cuppage plaza, then Kaiho is a great place to dine.


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