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Summer Holiday Options to Travel with Older Children

Best Summer Holiday Options to Travel with Older Children

Travel with Older Children: Most of the parents face the problem of choosing a suitable destination for their family, particularly those having kids over five years. Are you also looking for a superb holiday destination to take your family on a vacation this summer? Read on to know some of the best destinations to go on a holiday with older children.

Children over five years get easily bored on holidays if the destination is not exciting enough to keep them engaged. It is, therefore, advisable to do some research before deciding on a holiday destination, suitable for your entire family including children. Also, plan your trip well in advance so that you need not repent your decision later. Below are some of the best ideas to help you choose your destination for the summer holidays, particularly if you are traveling with kids over five years of age.


Scotland - Summer Holiday Options to Travel with Older Children

One of the top attractions for the British kids visiting Scotland during the summer holidays is the fishing village of Lower Largo in Fife.

Most people visit this fabulous spot in summer which is just a one-hour journey from Edinburgh. You can stay in one of the cottages available on rent along the white sand of Largo Bay, on the North Sea. Whilst adults can relax on the Elle Deco-style terrace, kids can enjoy sea-kayaking or abseil followed by a treat of fish and chips at the Fish Bar.

Once the kids are in bed, the adults can enjoy running along the beautiful coastline in the late summer light.



Les-Saintes-Maries-de-La-Mer in the Camargue and watery delta of the Rhone is the main attraction of the south of France. The white horses and bulls, flocks of flamingos, miles of sandy beaches, melodious gypsy music in the market, and the crazy Mistral wind, all contribute to having a memorable time in France. Older children love to visit these places again and again simply because the entire area is a nature reserve and is, therefore, a great place to enjoy with older children. It is a terrific place to enjoy horse riding.

You will find several options to stay including budget campsites to small but decent hotels.


Sardinia - Summer Holiday Options to Travel with Older Children

Most people visit Sardinia for its lovely beaches, but it has many more things to offer. Enjoy driving around the region that has a vast, empty landscape of mountains. It will be an enjoyable experience for your family and children.

Going for child-friendly short walks to the nearby Neolithic tombs and Iron Age fortresses are other exciting options for a family holiday. Alternatively, take a ferry to the Maddalena Islands and from there, you can head towards the lovely, remote beaches. You may further proceed towards the tranquil, forested Caprera Island, a national park. Here, the children will be amazed to visit the house of Italy’s liberator, Garibaldi. Here, villas are available for rent for longer stays.

Gotland, Sweden

Gotland - Summer Holiday Options to Travel with Older Children

Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea, with a fantastic Viking heritage, and is a fantastic destination for family holidays in the late summer. Another attraction is Visby, the capital city and a beautiful walled town that hosts a ‘medieval week’ every August. You can enjoy good, clean family fun at this event.

The flat land of Gotland is superb for cycling, and you will get plenty of places to hire bikes. Vacationing in Sweden can be a little expensive but if you avoid doing a few things like visiting the nightclubs and drinking a lot, then it will well fit into your budget. It is ideally suitable for families who love to take a stroll, go on a picnic and hang out in the countryside.


Galway Ireland
Galway Ireland

Visiting the Slieve Aughty in Ireland, a family-run riding center in County Galway will be a thrilling experience for you and your family.

They offer natural, bit-free riding, trekking across hills, streams, and forests in the interior foothills of the Slieve Aughty mountains, plus the attentive, friendly instructors are an added advantage. On the other side of the woods, you will find cottages to stay in and fantastic organic, locally grown, and homemade food to eat in the center’s restaurant. Your children will love the freedom there as they can enjoy doing several unique things like biking around woodland trails, cooking pizzas in a clay oven, playing around the fire pit, etc.

Cerza Safari, Normandy, France

Cerza Safari
Cerza Safari

People traveling with family and children normally avoid going on a safari mostly because the 12-hour flight at a stretch will not be suitable for kids. Instead of that, you can take them to Cerza with a short ferry ride.

The 60-hectare park in Normandy will take you to Africa with giraffes, tigers, panthers, lions, hippos, rhinos, and monkeys roaming on the grounds. The Wild Valley section is home to Alaskan wolves, bison, brown bears, and leopards.

Spending a few days in the ecolodge whilst learning about the wildlife will be a fantastic and unique experience for both the parents, as well as the older kids.

You may choose from the less known but unique destinations mentioned here and make your summer trip with family and children a memorable one.



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