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Thailand tourism

Thailand tourism

Thailand tourism: Most Popular and A Must Visit Cities in Thailand

Thailand is an Asian country in the southeast part of the continent which is gaining popularity among the globe trotters in recent years for its exotic tropical beaches, Grand Royale palaces, ruins of ancient landmarks, and characteristic Thai Buddhist temples. Thailand tourism has come into the limelight in recent years serving people with thrilling vacations.  The cities which you can visit are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, where you will also get options for a guided tour.


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a must-visit destination for the city-loving people. This heart of Thailand is ornate with skyscrapers, exotic cars, and public transit. The huge diversity of people defines the mixed culture. The efficiency of BTS (Base Transceiver Station) and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system helps tourists to explore the city easily. Terminal 21 is an impressive and famous shopping center. Each of its floors defines different portions of the World.  Another place, called the Chatuchak Weekend Market is a pocket-friendly market.  For a party person, Khao San Road is a place where you can have a fun night with snacks and booze. This street has bars and pubs along the roadside, which offers people some happy time. Due to the strong influence of Buddhism, many famous temples are located here like the Wat Pho Temple.

Chiang Mai

For nature lovers, Chiang Mai is an ideal place to visit.  A number of wild attractions let you connect with nature. The Chiang Mai Night Safari, a guided tour, is not a typical zoo as it opens well after sundown. Exotic animals like Raccoons, White porcupines will seem just like pets. You can easily take them on your lap. To get a close encounter with the animals you can opt for an open bus tour. You can get a closer encounter if you lure the animals with food. The place where you don’t want during this time of the day, the animals are most active. To get more thrilled, you must visit the elephants . They are everywhere – from tops to bag, pants, key chains, coins, on streets  carrying people or any  free area of land. The Elephant Sanctuary is also a must-visit site.


Another place for tourist people is Phuket, an island full of beach bums. This place is known for its high life and relaxation. You must take a stroll alongside the Patong Beach and be spiritually lifted by the soothing ocean and peaceful lifestyle. If you walk a little more until the sun sets, you will find yourself on Bangla Road. The serenity of the beach will be shifted to the flashing of neon lights and banging music from night clubs.

Ko Phi Phi Island is a paradise beach in Phuket, an alternate destination for people who prefer nature.  The ocean water has brilliant colors that are filled with colorful fish, sea plants, and starfishes lying on the beaches. Adventure sports like Snorkelling and Jet Skiing waits for enthusiastic people.


Introducing Thailand

Introducing Thailand

east corner of the country, though it runs the Mekong River, winding its way to the Gulf of Thailand. The mountains in the north are almost unbroken; only the Three Pagodas Pass provides a way through from Burma to Thailand. This pass was historically used as a route for many invasions, including one by the Japanese who built a railway line through it – now a popular tourist spot.

At the center of Thailand is a low, flat, and fertile river valley for the River Chao Phraya to flow through; this river, like the Mekong, ends in the Gulf of Thailand. South-west of here is a narrow coastal peninsula that is covered in a tropical forest. The western coast is narrower, with swampy areas ideal for mangroves and that are fun to kayak through. The eastern side, however, has much wider and longer beaches.

In Thailand, the climate is a tropical one. Here the monsoon rains last from May to September and the temperatures remain warm. November sees the start of the dry season, with the south becoming hot and humid, and the north experiencing a drier heat. March and April are by far the hottest months, while the peak tourist season is between October and March.

Bangkok, the capital, is the largest city in Thailand. Many travelers use it as the base for starting and finishing various tours; it is centrally located with easy access to airports and many bus routes. Other major cities include Pattaya, which is a large city in a bay on the south-east coast, Chiang Mai, the most significant city in the mountainous north of Thailand, and Phuket city, which is located on Phuket Island, on the western side of the peninsula. Travel by air is by far the quickest and most comfortable way to get about in Thailand, but for an adventure, try a long journey on a tour bus. Transferring from one bus to the next on route to your destination can often leave you waiting at the side of a road for hours. Local buses can also be used to get around. You may have to do without a guaranteed seat or air conditioning, but they are, by far, the cheapest and most exciting mode of transport.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Thailand has much to offer divers of all abilities. As a beginner, the warm waters, experienced instructors and structured courses provide a safe learning environment. Courses are available for divers of all levels wanting to advance their skills. Lasting from one to seven days, they cover everything from refresher training, fun diving and underwater filming, to rescuing divers in danger and becoming an instructor. The currents range from mild to strong around the islands so they can offer a challenge. Effort spent training is soon rewarded, thanks to the waters’ array of marine life – keep an eye out for whale sharks, rays, clownfish and the many other tropical fish that frequent the coast’s coral reefs.



In Thailand, you can kite-surf all-year-round. With beautiful sandy beaches to practice and launch from, the potential for enjoyment of this sport is huge. There is the possibility to hire equipment so that you can explore for yourself, or you can take part in a course, or even take private tuition to improve specific skills. So book a kitesurfing adventure in Thailand now with Expedia.


Kayaking - Thailand tourism

Kayaks are available to hire for a fun day out from almost all of the islands and coastal areas of Thailand; safety equipment and advice on where to go, and where to avoid, will help you have an enjoyable time. For more of an adventure, a coastal kayak tour can take you through flooded jungles, among secluded islands, and into hidden caves. Advanced kayakers may prefer the extreme rapids found in the north of the country around Chiang Mae, as they provide for full days of unbroken riding.



Trips can range from hiking, which requires good footwear and is suitable for all levels of fitness, to rock climbing, which needs prior knowledge of specialist equipment and some previous experience. Be it traversing tropical rainforest and scaling limestone rock faces, or reaching that all-important summit to enjoy breathtaking views, there is a guide that can take you there.



So many places to visit and so many ways to get there; with multi-activity holidays there is no need to leave anything out. By foot, on bikes, across water or under it, adventurers will see; highlands, forest, and rivers. You will meet and often stay with local tribes, experience the best food, and overcome different challenges each day – a rewarding trip both physically and culturally.


Skydiving - Thailand tourism

Try it by tandem to get the rush without the responsibility, or invest some time in learning the theory – the choice is yours. Then you can progress from jumping alongside instructors with radios to guide you in, to flying solo. This is an adrenalin rush not to be missed and an experience enhanced by the surroundings of tropical Thailand.


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