Things To Do In Lima

10 Things To Do In Lima

When we think of traveling, money is our first concern. But don’t you know that you can spend less and have more when backpacking South America?

There are tons of free Lima tourist attractions that a South American tourist can check out. To enjoy your trip without spending too much of your dollar (after you secure cheap flights, of course), here are the top 10 free things to do in Lima.

1. Walk around Torre Tagle Palace

Torre Tagle Palace - Things To Do In Lima

One of the main Lima tourist attractions is the Torre Tagle Palace where you can witness the very vigilant guards of the palace with heavy firearms on top of the roof watching over the place of the Peru Minister of Foreign Affairs. Though it’s restricted for visitors to see the inside of the building, the overwhelming beauty of the palace from the outside will be worth the visit. The baroque doorway is so amazing to see with its carved wooden balconies. The building is an exemplary architectural work of the 18th century.

2. Stroll through the Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor - Things To Do In Lima

Strolling is the best way for a South American tourist to have a closer look in the city center of Lima. You’ll spend less because sightseeing is definitely free in this area, where you will find fabulous historical buildings which paved the way for the growth of Lima tourism. Don’t forget to bring some water because walking around Plaza Mayor might exhaust. At around 11:45, you‘ll witness the changing of guards as the chivalrous dragoons march with music by trumpeters providing background music at the Government Palace.

3. Surf & Party at Barranco

Barranco beach - Things To Do In Lima

Another great tourist destination in Lima is Barranco, a favorite spot for surfers who love to ride the waves. You can grab your own boards and bring your suits to get wet and wild as you face the waves of Barranco beach. However, it is important to keep your valuables safe or better yet, leave them in your hotel or hostel so that you will truly enjoy the fun of surfing. The night scene is flourishing here, offering some of the best Lima nightlife around.

4. Date Night at Parque del Amor

Parque del Amor - Things To Do In Lima

Lovers will definitely find Parque del Amor a romantic place where a huge statue of lovers in each other’s arms is kissing. Sunset is the perfect time to watch the view of the sea and mostly you’ll find lovers hugging and kissing in this area. The park is surrounded by walls displaying lovey-dovey quotes and sayings.

5. Hike in Los Pantanos de Villa

Los Pantanos de Villa

Apart from the beauty of the city center, Lima has its wonderful wildlife preserved at Los Pantano’s de Villa. Be with nature and hike the trails, watching the birds as they fly above and being stunned by the colorful flora of the place. There are also swamps and lagoons in Pantanos de Villa and if you want to take a closer look at its aquatic resources, take a boat ride into the marshes.

6. Skate at Miraflores


Miraflores allocated a skate park for everyone to enjoy. If you are a skater, show off your talent and meet other enthusiasts like you. The park on La Marina Avenue is not just for skaters – it also has an area for mountain biking.

7. Parque de la Muralla

Parque de la Muralla - Things To Do In Lima

Like any other nation that built defensive walls, Lima also built the same against its enemies. These walls protected Lima against pirates were restored for the public to see and were built as a park for locals as well as the South America tour. It’s an excellent place to take a rest and savor a moment of peace as you enjoy people-watching.

8. Window Shop at Mercado Central

Mercado Central

Don’t miss a bit of window shopping before you leave Lima. Visit the vibrant market at Mercado Central where you’ll find fabulous gifts for your loved ones at home. There are clothes, shoes, and a food market. Choose your food carefully and watch out for your belongings because this market is filled with many people.

9. Picnic at Parque Kennedy

Parque Kennedy

Grab a few backpackers from your hostel and pack a bag with food to enjoy a picnic in Parque Kennedy. Sometimes, musicians show off their talents at the park and you can chill and listen to the local music.

10. Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park - Things To Do In Lima

Not far from the Parque de Amor is the astounding beauty of the Lighthouse Park. Aside from the view of the lighthouse is the fantastic view of the ocean as you take a walk in the park. If you’re brave enough, flying over the cliff through paragliding will be an exciting one.

Being the largest city in Peru, it’s filled with several South American tourist attractions that don’t cost a lot. Don’t worry about spending too much because Lima has many free things for you to offer.

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