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Travel Essentials Checklist

Travel Essentials Checklist

Travel Essentials Checklist

Travel Essentials Checklist

Travel Essentials Checklist

Travel Essentials Checklist

Travel Essentials Checklist

So, you have booked your travel tickets and hotel and are ready to explore some of the planet’s most beautiful places in your upcoming days. And then puzzled how to get started for this exciting journey ahead! You are not the only one. There are many more less-experienced travelers across the globe who get travel fever just days before they start their trip. This includes queries right from the type of luggage to travel insurance and what all to include in the luggage for a memorable trip. These questions are pertinent and deserve some contemplation so that you have a smooth vacation. Here goes the travel essentials checklist that helps you plan your travel wisely.

1. Documents in Order

Documents in Order - Travel Essentials Checklist
Documents in Order

If traveling abroad, ensure that you have a travel visa to the country that you are visiting. Carry photocopies along with your other accompanying documents including birth certificate, passport, and international driving license, if you have one. Don’t forget travelers’ cheques and currencies – absolute essentials for your local shopping. Just make sure that don’t leave these important documents in the hotel room if you don’t have safe lockers. Lastly, keep the contact details of the embassy of your country handy.

2. Medicines

Medicines - Travel Essentials Checklist

Study the local weather conditions and carry all those medicines that you may need to stay fit. Have the prescriptions handy – preferably with chemist’s receipt – to respond to custom’s questionnaire. Additionally, carry insect repellents, medicines to cope with travel sickness, sunscreen, cough, and cold pills or syrup and pills, acidity, and headache medicines. Pack them together and you have your first aid kit ready. Add tampons and contraceptives too to your essentials list.

3. Money

Money Matters - Travel Essentials Checklist

Why take risks carrying loads of cash in an unknown land? Instead, let cash cards double up for your debit and credit card. Prefer preloading your money, that way you don’t end up spending recklessly. Again, when in genuine need, it can be topped by someone back home and you withdraw local currency rather than stand at exchange currency counters.

4. ‘Capture the moment’ Essentials

Decent Camera

You will surely want to reminisce about the moments that you spent all in the beautiful places you tour. A camera is your best buddy in travel to keep clicking! You are likely to soon run out of the memory if you capture all the places you visit. Carry enough memory accordingly and don’t forget the batteries or charger whatever your camera needs to go on. Include an underwater camera and suitable clothing in your travel essentials packing list if you are an adventure lover and have some activities like snorkeling or scuba diving in your to-do list.

5. Luggage

Travel Bag with Collapsible Luggage Rack
Travel Bag with Collapsible Luggage Rack

Let your travel duration decide this aspect. If you think a suitcase and a backpack can shoulder all your essentials, go for it. Anytime, luggage on wheels will be ideal, and carrying a waist pouch and a handbag will make check-ins at the airport smooth and easy. This should have all your essentials – travel documents, laptop, and a set of clothing – so that these emergency items stick to you all time – just in case.

6. Toiletries


The first things that should go in your cosmetic bag or the carry pouch are the toothpaste, toothbrush, and dental floss. Remember the humble nail cutter and a nail file too if you are too keen. Add in an unbreakable mirror that will help you to beautify on the move. Get bathing soap and detergent soap and top it with a clothing brush. Finally, a moisturizer, make-up, shampoo, make-up remover, deodorant, hair accessories, razor (with razor blades) and that should probably make your list complete.

7. Clothes


Choose clothes from your wardrobe wisely. 5 sets of undergarments, 3 pairs of socks, 2-4 bikini pairs, 2 sets of shorts, 2 linen trousers, 2 leggings, 2 skirts, 2 long frocks, and 5 t-shirts should be more than enough – just choose what fits your taste. Add a scarf to protect you on chilly evenings and include rainy wear in your gear. Have an extra pair of footwear good slippers for local exploration and good sports shoes if hiking is on your travel agenda.

Don’t forget portable entertainment devices that come to your rescue while waiting in queues and when you just want to kill some time. iPods and maybe an e-reader will keep you engaged on long journeys. A journal to pen down your lovely moments and experiences is a must if you want to relook into your lovely journey. Make sure to insure your health and your luggage through travel insurance that will cover almost everything according to your requirements. Gadgets like a voltage converter and all in one universal plug and sockets in the alien land will be absolutely handy.


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