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Traveling to Brazil

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Traveling to Brazil

Brazil is a fascinating country to visit. Being the 5th largest nation in the world and home to the world’s second-largest river, the Amazon, more and more people are longing to visit this country. Brazil in general has a tropical climate but with its wide land coverage, it also has some weather variations. It has the most diverse ecosystem which includes the Amazon rainforest and has various land characteristics such as wide mountain ranges, hills, plains, and a very complex river system. All of these contribute to the natural beauty of Brazil aside from the eclectic culture and interesting people.

If you are planning a grand vacation in Brazil you must be prepared physically as well as mentally before diving into its rich culture and abundant natural beauties. Take some time to plan your travel well. Get to know the exact locations in Brazil that you will include in your travel as well as the people in that community and the culture. Since this could be your first-time travel to Brazil it would be a smart move to learn more about the uniqueness of this country. There would be major differences that you should be familiar with to avoid any untoward incidents. It is also great to learn some useful Portuguese phrases.

Getting Started: Traveling to Brazil


Visa and immigration Issues– Traveling to Brazil requires you to have a tourist visa and this is good for up to 90 days. Make sure that you understand the requirements as well as regulations on the Brazilian embassy. Always have a return plane ticket with you as a sign of your intention to head back home prior to the 90-day period of allowable stay. Make sure before packing for your flight to learn about the stuff that is allowed or not allowed according to their regulations to avoid any trouble.

Vaccinations – Although traveling to Brazil would not require any vaccine, as a safety precaution and as per recommendation by the CDC having routine vaccines would be beneficial. But in some cases that you will include in your Brazil tour, certain areas like states of Acre, Amazonas, Amapa, Para, Tocantins, Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Roraima, Rondonia, Iguassu Falls, and Distrito Federal (includes the capital city of Brasilia) are areas with a high risk of transmitting Yellow Fever. Better get a vaccination and protect your health.

Brazilian Travel Budget

Traveling to Brazil is much expensive than in other countries in South America, especially around the carnival and holiday seasons. During the months of December to February, hotel or lodging accommodations and other travel expenses will generally increase up to 30% more. If you stay in cheap hostels or couch surf, and prepare your own meals or buy street food, you can get around for less. Having said that, a good $100 a day will give you a decent place to stay and good meals. Now if you want the finest things in life and would have some extra cash to spare a good $300. per day budget would land you a 5-star hotel accommodation and great fine dining. Aside from the daily expenditures better check the details of your itinerary. This of course will include bus fares, entrance fees, travel guides, and other stuff.





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