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Traveling With Pets for Newbies

Traveling With Pets for Newbies

Traveling With Pets for Newbies

Traveling With Pets for Newbies

Traveling With Pets for Newbies

Traveling With Pets for Newbies

The Basics of Traveling With Pets for Newbies

Whether you’re making a cross-country move and you have no choice but to transport your pet or you’ve decided that you want your best friend to accompany you wherever you go, be it for business or pleasure, there are things you need to know about traveling with an animal, especially if you’re a new pet parent. You might think it’s as easy as bringing your puppy or kitten along for the ride, but animals can be finicky when it comes to planes, trains, and automobiles.

Some enjoy sticking their heads out the window and feeling the wind on their face while others get motion sickness. And you need to figure out how your furry friend feels about travel so you can take steps to ensure that any trip you undertake isn’t too stressful. Here are a few basics for newbies traveling with pets.

You wouldn’t get into a vehicle without seat belts, so why would you let your pet roam free in the car (or other modes of transportation)? Before you even consider traveling with a pet you need to focus on safety first. You might like the idea of letting your dog hang his head out the window, but what do you think will happen if you’re in an automobile accident?

If you want to keep your pet safe during travel, make sure you have an appropriate travel case on hand and that you secure it in the vehicle. In many cases, this can also help to put nervous pets at ease when you transport them. And it can certainly keep them from bolting the moment you open the door.

The next step is to do a test run. Whether you plan to take your pet along frequently when you travel or you simply want to acclimate your pal to riding in the car for visits to the vet or trips to the dog park, the place to begin is with a test run. Often, taking young animals for regular trips will result in a higher level of comfort with travel throughout their lives. But regardless of conditioning, some animals will always be wary and nervous when it comes to moving vehicles. So long as you understand your pet’s reaction to travel, though, you can find ways to deal with the situation.

That said, there are certain preparations you’ll need to make when you travel with a pet. You’ll have to plan for food, water, medication, and rest stops, at the very least. These are the essentials. If you’re traveling very far, your pet will need to be fed and watered, as well as walk (for both exercise and elimination purposes). And if you’ll be away from home for a few days, you need to make sure you have adequate medication, if your pet needs medication of some sort. You might also want to bring along comfort items like a familiar pet bed, a blanket, or a favorite toy.

And don’t forget that not every hotel is pet friendly. If you’re planning to stop somewhere for the night when you travel with pets, you need to find establishments that allow pets or book a pet hotel like my second home pet resort to drop them off. And if your pet is particularly fussy when it comes to travel, simply talk to your vet about the possibility of medication that will keep your animal calm during travel. It might be the kindest option for all involved.


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