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Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island- the Canadian outdoor

On the southern coast of Canada lies this incredible Vancouver Island which has lots in store for visitors who love the outdoors. This island is specially known for its wilderness parks, diverse activities, clear coastal waters and traditional communities. Besides the outstanding scenario, the wildlife in both marine and land locked are amazingly beautiful. This place is truly a nature lovers’ dream come true. Apart from natural surroundings, the island also has cosmopolitan cities and harbours best suited for them who like to travel in comfort and style.

How to go Vancouver Island

The island has two airports: Victoria and Comox from where international and domestic flights are available. To reach the island you can easily take the ferry from the city of Vancouver or Seattle.

Things to do in Vancouver Island

Get prepared for a lifetime experience of adventure on Vancouver Island, British Colombia. Victoria, Campbell River, park villa are some of the places to be explored. It is a mixture of magnificent rainforest, mountains, beaches, pristine rivers and lakes. Outdoor activities include:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Golfing
  • Kayaking
  • Whale watching
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Salmon fishing

At the south end of the island is the famous “galloping goose trial”. To start on the fitness trial, take the galloping goose and try the fifty five kilometre walk or Cycling could be easier for a good start. Try a bit of wilderness hiking in the centre of the island at the Starthcona provisional park. Other than this the island presents before us the Vancouver special west coast trial which is also known as “the real Canadian experience”. This is one of the toughest hikes and all you need is an adventures mind to travel into the wild which will take from five to ten days. For getting there you have to get a permit, and then your journey starts where you will get lots of rain and mud. You will also have to deal with the tide changes, tree ladders, steep climbing, and natural bridges.

The island has seven different geographic regions, each of which possesses unique characteristics. They are all connected with each other through transit networks. The three main different regions are:

  • The most densely populated area is the South Vancouver Island. The province capital of Victoria is located here.
  • The North Vancouver Island region is just the opposite which is a remote area and outdoor lovers can get opportunities for a recreational adventure.
  • Central Vancouver Island is home to the popular places like Nanaimo and Tofino.

Della falls

One of the tallest waterfalls can also be found in this park. Those who can manage the steep hike, which is 440 metres upwards, can enjoy the majestic view of the Della Falls. However dangerous animals like bears, cougars can be found around. Of course all these make an ideal gateway for the outdoor adventures who can feel the nature their home.

Qualicum Beach- a must visit

Located at a reachable distance from Nanaimo, is Victoria or Nanaimo. A visit to Vancouver Island is incomplete without checking Milnar gardens and Woodland. Ocean kayaking, hiking and spending time at the beach are some of the activities done here. For accommodation, there is nothing wonderful than the Free Spirit Spheres. Here you will get the unique experience to stay in tree house as there are three spherical suspended tree houses in the rainforest near Qualicum Beach. Other than this, you can also stay in Crown Mansion Boutique Hotel and Villas to have a breath taking experience of your visit.

The wonderful compelling 50 acre estate called the Butchart Gardens has become a fascinating tourist’s point that offers magnificent flora and fauna along with night fireworks. Visiting these gardens will never disappoint you. If you want to buy some souvenirs for your near and dear ones then Vancouver Island’s retail malls will offer you with varieties of gifts.

Best time to go Vancouver Island

The island experiences the mildest climate in the country because of the warm Pacific Ocean currents. During winter season some parts stay conducive for skiing and snowboarding. May to September is the best time to visit and explore the region. Due to the majestic and divine beauty, lots of nature lovers are attracted toward this Vancouver Island.

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