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A visit to the Jhargram Raj Palace

A visit to the Jhargram Raj Palace

A visit to the Jhargram Raj Palace

A visit to the Jhargram Raj Palace

Jhargram Raj Palace

A visit to the Jhargram Raj Palace

A visit to the Jhargram Raj Palace

Jhargram is a ‘melting pot’ of tradition, culture, rich heritage and natural beauty. Jhargram has mesmerized its tourists every time. Located in the hugely diverse state of West Bengal, this place is a popular visitor spot recognised for its forests, ancient temples and beautiful palaces. Jhargram coordinates at 22.45°N 86.98°E and has an elevation of about 81metres (265 feet). The weather condition of this place is extremely humid and tropical, just like most other places of West Bengal. The extremity of temperature can be seen in this region. It can rise up to 46 degrees in summer months while can decrease up to 4 degrees in winter.  The Jhargram Raj Palace is the present residence of the MallaDev Royal family. The marvellous structure is a wonderful combination of Italian, Islamic and Bengali architecture style. The 10 rooms on the ground floor have been converted into heritage hotel run by the family. You can experience the legacy of royalty as you stay within the boundaries of this opulent structure set it carefully laid lawns and gardens. The accommodation option includes Royal Suite, Royal Guest House, Premium Deluxe, Classic Deluxe, and Family Deluxe. They serve wonderful exquisite dishes cooked by the cooks of the Rajbari.

Heritage Cottages Jhargram Raj Palace

Jhargram Raj Palace has set up a new joint venture with West Bengal Tourism to develop tourism infrastructure in the Raj palace campus. The heritage resort comprises 15 twin cottages that will face two water bodies. There are 30 rooms, a central dining hall and cafeteria, conference hall, museum, green lawns, and lily pools. Boating facilities are also available. This venture is called Jhargram Palace Heritage Tourism Project.


Jhargram lies on Asian Highway network. Bus, autos, cycle rickshaws, too, and taxis are some of the local transportation available in this place. The train route connects Jhargram with the nearby cities of Kolkata, Tatanagar and Ranchi. The nearest airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport of Kolkata which is 155 km by train and 169 km by road. Sonari Airport of Jamshedpur has located 96 km away from Jhargram if you travel by train.

Host to Dignitaries

The Palatial Guest House is a part of Jhargram Raj Palace. It has been a host to several dignitaries, right from the inception. Some of the dignitaries who have officially stayed here are Lord Willingdon who was the British Viceroy of India, Sir John Arthur Herbert who was the Governor of Bengal, Lord Richard Casey, another Governor of Bengal, , Prafulla Chandra Ghosh, Chakravarti Rajagopalachari,Bidhan Chandra Ray, Morarji Desai, LalBahadurShastri, General Cariappa, Uttam Kumar, Pranab Mukherjee,Saiyid Nurul Hassan and Mamata Banerjee.

Conclusion Jhargram Raj Palace

It was built in the year 1931 CE, during the reign of Raja Narasingha Malla Dev Bahadur. A stay at the Jhargram Raj Palace will bring the legends and stories of the famous Malla Dev rulers to the front. You can experience the royal lifestyle that was once the tradition of Jhargram Kings.  The rich heritage and the history of the Palace will surely excite guests who are willing to know and explore ancient India.


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