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12 Gujarati Dishes You Must Try

12 Gujarati Dishes You Must Try

12 Gujarati Dishes You Must Try

12 Gujarati Dishes You Must Try

Gujarati Dishes You Must Try

12 Gujarati Dishes You Must Try

12 Gujarati Dishes You Must Try

Gujarati Dishes: Gujaratis and food go hand in hand without even saying. Give a Gujarati heart-filling and mouthwatering food and you’ve won his heart! I am not even lying.

Gujarati food is heaven to your taste buds! Sweet, spicy, salty!

After several hardships in shortlisting, I bring to you 12 Gujarati dishes in no specific order that you must try before you die. 

  1. Khandvi:

Khandvi - Gujarati Dishes

Honestly, Khandvi is rolls of happiness made of gram flour and curd, tempered with mustard seeds. Difficult to prepare, but if made with patience, they’ll turn out to be delicate, soft, and yummy.

  1. Dabeli:


Vadapav for Maharashtra, Dabeli for Gujarat!
Originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat, the pav is filled with sweet and spicy potato stuffing. It is topped with roasted peanuts, pomegranate, sev, and chutney. Time for some street food?

  1. Dal Dhokli:

Dal Dhokli - Gujarati Dishes

Dal Dhokli is a Sunday morning delight in most Gujarati households. This is a one-dish meal of spiced whole wheat flour dhoklis simmered in Gujarati dal. It can be served with rice to make it a wholesome meal. Remember to simmer dhoklis not way before serving else it’ll become soggy.
If you have Gujarati contacts, rush to their home on a Sunday!

  1. Handvo:


Crispy outside, soft inside. A variety of daals, grated bottle gourd, and some spices – that’s all to this one-dish meal.
Serve it with chutney and buttermilk and voilà, yum in your tum!
Don’t miss the crispy part if you happen to have this!

  1. Paatra:

Paatra - Gujarati Dishes

Heard of taste buds going on a roller coaster ride? Paatras are salty, sweet, and spicy all at once. Colocasia leaves are stuffed with a spicy mixture of gram flour. It tastes the best when deep-fried but we can surely steam or shallow–fry it.

  1. Dhokla:


Tell me if you’ve heard a Gujarati say that dhoklas don’t make their mouth water! This is next to impossible! Khaman Dhoklas are all-time favorites – be it for breakfast, farsan in lunch, snacks, or dinner. Made of gram flour, this dish is steamed and garnished with coriander.
You have to try this!

  1. Undhiyu:

Undhiyu - Gujarati Dishes

Undhiyu with puri and shrikhand is a must at Gujarati weddings or any other Gujarati function for that matter.
It is a one-pot mixed vegetable casserole dish that is the pride of Gujarati cuisine. Vegetables are cooked or fried in batches. The preparation is time-consuming and requires patience to get it correct but it is surely worth the wait.

  1. Khichiya Papad

Khichiya Papad

Khichiya Papad is a thin crispy wafer made of rice flour and cumin seeds. These are dried in the sun and cooked by deep-frying. To make a scrumptious snack, top it with finely chopped vegetables, chutney, and sev.

  1. Khichu:

Khichu - Gujarati Dishes

Friendly to the stomach, this healthy snack is made of rice flour. It has to be served hot when it’s soft to maintain its authenticity. Maggi is easy to make. This is easier! Garnish with coriander and top it with little oil while serving.

  1. Thepla and Chundo :

Thepla and Chundo

Travelling, picnics? You are not a true Gujarati if you don’t carry theplas with you! Theplas are spiced parathas prepared from wheat flour and other spices. Grated vegetables can be added to the dough for variation.
Eaten with curd and chundo (raw mango pickle, yet another Gujarati specialty), theplas are tasty both warm and otherwise.

  1. Jalebi Fafda:

Jalebi Fafda

Say hello to the Sunday morning breakfast at a Gujarati household. Jalebis are made by deep-frying wheat flour batter in a circular motion. These are then soaked in sugar syrup. An absolute delight to eat, these are served with fafdas (a crispy, deep-fried gram flour snack).

  1. Khakhra


You thought I would miss out on Khakhras? Never.
As part of the Jain Gujarati cuisine, khakhras are made of cumin seeds and whole wheat. However, variations can be made. Khakhras is an easy, low-calorie snack and hence are prepared in large batches and stored for the future.
To make it fattening, spread some ghee and sprinkle sugar. Another option is to spread some Makhan and sprinkle chaat masala. Tell me if it doesn’t delight your taste buds!

These were some must-have dishes! Of course, there’s much more to Gujarati cuisine. Make some Gujju friends and invite yourself to their homes shamelessly! Do introduce yourselves to the delectable cuisine if you haven’t yet.


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