Places to Visit in Nagercoil

20 Places to Visit in Nagercoil: Entry fees, Best way to Reach

Nagercoil, located in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, India, is known for its cultural heritage, temples, and natural beauty. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the diverse array of Places to Visit in Nagercoil, uncovering the gems that make this destination truly unique.

1. Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Embark on a spiritual journey at the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, offering panoramic views where the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, and Arabian Sea converge. A testament to Swami Vivekananda’s teachings, this landmark is a must-visit for its serene ambiance.

2. Padmanabhapuram Palace – A Step Back in Time

Padmanabhapuram Palace

Immerse yourself in history at the Padmanabhapuram Palace, surrounded by enchanting palmyra groves. This 16th-century architectural marvel provides a glimpse into the royal past, making it a haven for history enthusiasts.

3. Nagaraja Temple – Serenity Amidst Devotion

Nagaraja Temple

Discover the spiritual charm of Nagercoil at the Nagaraja Temple, dedicated to the serpent deity. The temple’s ancient aura and tranquil surroundings offer a peaceful retreat for those seeking spiritual solace.

4. Suchindram Thanumalayan Temple – Nature’s Beauty Unveiled

Suchindram Thanumalayan Temple

A symphony of art and nature awaits at the Suchindram Thanumalayan Temple. Admire intricate sculptures against a backdrop of lush greenery, showcasing the region’s cultural and artistic prowess.

5. Kanyakumari – Where Oceans Embrace

Escape to Kanyakumari

A short drive from Nagercoil leads to Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India. Revel in the awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset views where the three seas converge, leaving an indelible mark on every visitor.

6. Gandhi Memorial – Tribute to the Father of the Nation

Gandhi Memorial - Places to Visit in Nagercoil

Pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi at the Gandhi Memorial, a place of historical significance. The memorial stands as a tribute to the Father of the Nation and offers a reflective space for visitors.

7. Mathur Hanging Trough – Engineering Marvel

Mathur Hanging Trough

Witness the ingenuity of the Mathur Hanging Trough, an engineering marvel that carries water across the hills. This unique structure provides not only a functional purpose but also a picturesque setting for onlookers.

8. Udayagiri Fort – Fortified History

Udayagiri Fort - Places to Visit in Nagercoil

Explore the Udayagiri Fort, encapsulating the region’s historical richness. The fort, with its architectural grandeur, narrates tales of the past and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

9. Chitharal Jain Monuments – Cultural Marvels

Chitharal Jain Monuments

Step into the cultural tapestry of Nagercoil at the Chitharal Jain Monuments. Admire the ancient rock-cut sculptures and marvel at the intricate detailing that reflects the region’s cultural diversity.

10. Muttom Beach – Tranquil Seascapes

Muttom Beach - Places to Visit in Nagercoil

Conclude your journey at Muttom Beach, a serene haven where the sea meets the shore. Relax amidst tranquil seascapes, making it an ideal spot for unwinding and enjoying the natural beauty of Nagercoil.

11. Our Lady of Ransom Church – Architectural Splendor

Our Lady of Ransom Church - Places to Visit in Nagercoil

Marvel at the architectural splendor of Our Lady of Ransom Church, a prominent religious site. The church’s intricate design and spiritual ambiance make it a noteworthy stop for those interested in cultural and religious heritage.

12. Muttom Harbour – Fishing Village Vibes

Muttom Harbour - Places to Visit in Nagercoil

Immerse yourself in the local culture at Muttom Harbour, a bustling fishing village. Witness the vibrant atmosphere as fishermen go about their daily routines, providing a unique glimpse into the region’s coastal lifestyle.

13. Thiruparrapu Falls – Nature’s Symphony

Thiruparrapu Falls

Indulge in the natural beauty of Thiruparrapu Falls, a cascading marvel surrounded by lush greenery. The soothing sound of water and picturesque landscapes make it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

14. St. Xavier’s Church – Historical Resonance

St. Xavier's Church - Places to Visit in Nagercoil

Delve into history at St. Xavier’s Church, a testament to Nagercoil’s colonial past. The church, with its colonial architecture, stands as a living relic, narrating tales of a bygone era.

15. Chothavilai Beach – Serene Shorelines

Chothavilai Beach

Escape to the tranquil shores of Chothavilai Beach, offering pristine sands and azure waters. This lesser-known gem provides a peaceful retreat, perfect for a leisurely stroll or simply unwinding amidst nature’s beauty.

16. Maruthuva Malai – Medicinal Hill

Maruthuva Malai - Places to Visit in Nagercoil

Explore the medicinal wonders of Maruthuva Malai, a hill known for its herbal plants and medicinal herbs. The hill not only offers panoramic views but also serves as a unique destination for those interested in herbal remedies.

17. Pechiparai Dam – Scenic Reservoir

Pechiparai Dam

Witness the scenic grandeur of Pechiparai Dam, surrounded by lush landscapes. The dam not only serves as a water reservoir but also offers a tranquil setting for visitors seeking a peaceful escape.

18. Chittar Dam – A Man-made Marvel

Chittar Dam - Places to Visit in Nagercoil

Experience the engineering marvel of Chittar Dam, a serene water reservoir amidst the hills. The dam’s picturesque surroundings make it an excellent spot for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

19. Keeriparai Reserve Forest – Biodiversity Hotspot

Keeriparai Reserve Forest - Places to Visit in Nagercoil

Immerse yourself in nature’s bounty at Keeriparai Reserve Forest, a haven for biodiversity. Trek through lush greenery, spot diverse flora and fauna, and breathe in the freshness of the unspoiled natural surroundings.

Kalikesam Wildlife Sanctuary

20. Thirunandhikarai Cave Temple – Ancient Mystique

Thirunandhikarai Cave Temple - Places to Visit in Nagercoil

Uncover the ancient mystique at Thirunandhikarai Cave Temple, an archaeological gem. The cave temple, carved out of rock, showcases intricate sculptures and stands as a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Why Nagercoil Should Be Your Next Destination

Nagercoil, with its rich cultural heritage and natural wonders, beckons travelers seeking a blend of history, spirituality, and scenic beauty. The city’s diverse attractions offer a fulfilling experience, making it an ideal destination for both solo travelers and families alike.

In conclusion, Nagercoil is a tapestry of beauty waiting to be unravelled. Plan your visit to this enchanting city, and let the charm of its landmarks create lasting memories.


  1. Q: Is Nagercoil a safe destination for solo travelers? A: Yes, Nagercoil is generally considered safe for solo travelers. However, it’s advisable to take standard safety precautions.
  2. Q: What is the best way to reach Nagercoil from major cities? A: Nagercoil is well-connected by road and rail. The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport.
  3. Q: Are there any entry fees for visiting historic landmarks in Nagercoil? A: Some attractions may have nominal entry fees. It’s recommended to check in advance.
  4. Q: Can I experience local culture through festivals in Nagercoil? A: Absolutely! Nagercoil hosts vibrant festivals throughout the year, offering a glimpse into the rich local culture.
  5. Q: Are English and other languages understood in Nagercoil? A: Yes, English is widely understood, and locals are generally friendly and helpful.
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