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Best Things To Do In Shyambazar

Best Things To Do In Shyambazar

Best Things To Do In Shyambazar

A day out in the Shyambazar vicinity of Kolkata and there you will have lots of memories to cherish. Besides the historical sites and cultural attractions, go out exploring other local attractions in Shyambazar. With car hire services in Kolkata, discover new places and enjoy the unique things in and around Shyambazar.

There are also various adventurous and entertainment activities to indulge in and many places to pamper your taste buds.

Bowbazar_Crossing - Best Things To Do In Shyambazar

Shyambazar is the main center for shoppers if you are in North Kolkata. In its collection of fabrics and garments, it matches College Street-MG Road crossing in Central Kolkata or Gariahat in South Kolkata. If you are planning for some jewelry shopping, it is similar to Bowbazar or Gariahat. The one famous shop to visit is the house of M B Sircar of Shyambazar.

Coming to your sweet tooth, the old favorites of Shyambazar are Dwarik Ghosh and Sen Mahasay. To enjoy the greater taste of old times, there is a sweet shop called Jalajog and a famous restaurant called Golbari. New shops are coming up like the very popular KC Dass and Aminia Restaurant.

famous Golbari

famous Golbari eatery - Best Things To Do In Shyambazar

famous Golbari -menu

Now a special to the famous Golbari eatery. If you are a diehard foodie or not, Shyambazar trip will give you amazing gastronomical experience. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Shyambazar 5-point crossing,  cooked juicy pieces of meat with soft parathas in the 92-year-old Golbari eatery cannot be missed.

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