Winter Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata

Winter Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata

When our Durga puja vibe is on full swing- half of the Kolkatans are preparing to get puja ready, rest of are just longing for the much awaited break to satiate their nomadic soul. Thanks to the amazing location of Kolkata, in fact, thanks for being so multifarious in offering beautiful vicinities. We bring you some amazing destinations that offer short and refreshing trip from Kolkata. To add more spice in the trip, consider car rental service In Kolkata for a relaxing family holidaying. So, let’s take a look and start planning for your upcoming winter vacation.


Rasikbil- Winter Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 440 KM Approx

The distance seems tiring. Isn’t it? We’re not denying it. But the moment you’re there, you will get rid of your tiredness. Rasikbil is not yet very known among Kokatans, but a famous forested and wildlife region located in Cooch Bihar district in West Bengal. With a wide lake and tall trees congested inside, Rasikbil is a home of different kinds of migratory and local birds. You dream of a dense forest with diverse flora and fauna, Rasikbil is what you desire. It boasts of three dense forests such as Nagurhat, Atas mocha and Bochamari. There are also some enthralling wildlife attractions like Crocodile Park, leopard house and the deer park.


Duarsini - Winter Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 410 KM Approx

Let your soul immerse with the true beauty of wilderness. Duarsini is a land of small hilltops covered with forest and mind beguiling wild attractions situated in Purulia. The wide variety of flora and fauna, wild creatures with Mountain River Satgudum flowing across the tribal region makes the trip no less than a full fledged forest vacation. Come here to see how tribal villages are thriving on their own form of livelihood where there is no sign of commercialization. Galudi, Bhalo Hills are some of other nearest attractive destination to make a complete forest trip.


Bishnupur - Winter Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata: 150 Km Approx

On the Northern part of West Bengal, lies a historically charming town, Bishnupur. It has got a regal presence in history. Best known for terracotta architectures and Baluchuri saree, Bishnupur is still holding the reminiscences of Malla Kings. Come here to see exquisite terracotta temples standing amidst quaint picturesque ambience. Once you’re here, you will come to see a great amalgamation of new and old structures with the humble dwellers are excelling at terracotta handicrafts and carefully maintaining the archeological monuments and terracotta temples. It’s a temple town and home of some of the popular religious architectures like Jor Bunglow Temple, Pancha Ratna Temple, Radha Lalijiu Temple and Dolmadol Kaman etc.


digha beach

Distance from Kolkata: 189 km Approx

You’ll hardly find any Kolkatans never visited Digha once in their life. Located in the East Midnapur district, Digha is one of the sought after beaches. There is no particular best time to visit this place as you will always find the beach dotted with people no matter what the season is. Smooth road along with green side lanes will take you straight to the beach. For a quick refreshing trip, this palce has always been at the first preference of Kolkatans. Digha is basically separated into New Digha and Old Digha. While Old Digha has more boulders, New Digha offers clean and long stretch shoreline for uninterrupted enjoyable sea bathing.



Distance from Kolkata: 165 km Approx

For many it’s a ‘little Goa’ in West Bengal and the most celebrated place among young generation. If you’ve been at Digha for uncountable times and looking for more serene ambience within short reach, Mandarmani is the place for you. Long stretched shoreline, mild ripples on the sea and azure sky in Mandarmani are ideal to spend your weekend vacation.Rent a car and enjoy the trip at its best.


Bakkhali tourist places

Distance from Kolkata: 125 km Approx

Bakkhali is a peaceful tourist destination located very far away from our daily hustle and bustle in the southern most part of West Bengal. One of many deltaic islands, Bakkhali attracts endless tourists throughout the year. Along with promenading across muddy sea beach till Frasergaunj you can also take a small trip around other attractions. Jambu Dwip is a nearest attraction you can reach by boat. Once you’re done with the little islands peppered over the region, you can also explore Crocodile project.

Jairambati & kamarpukur:

Jairambati & kamarpukur - Winter Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 15 KM Approx

Kamarpukur and Jairambati are deemed to be one of the holiest places in Bengal. Kamarpukur is the place where Sri RamKrishna Paramhansha was born. And Jairambati is the birth place of his wife, Maa Sarada. Both of these places are filled with a celestial aura that you will feel right after you visit this place. If you have been longing to feel the devotional essence, take a sort break from your daily schedule and visit these places. You will feel the peace inside.

Sajnekhali, Sunderban:

Sunderban - Winter Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 110 KM Approx

Get lost in the immense green forest of Sunderban! (Don’t get into the words it might be dangerous!) Traverse through Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary, a paradise of migratory birds, nestled amidst the dense green patch of Sunderban.  This wildlife area is also world famous for Royal Bengal Tiger. Further you move with the guidance you will find crocodile breeding centre. If you want to taste the real essence of forest life, come to Sunderban and experience the wild side of nature.



Distance from Kolkata: 266Km Approx

Are you looking for not so overcrowded beach vacation? Chnadipur is the place to go. Located in Baleswar district, Chandipur beach is the main attraction. The secluded beach has magical ebb and flow of water that vanishes out a particular time and come back to fill the shoreline. Tourists come here to experience the incredible natural mystery. Chandipur is almost 30 km away from Baleswar station. Twice in a day the sea started departing from the shore and shift back at long distance, leaving long stretches of silvery sand. Along with the magical movement of the sea, you can also visit few famous temples such as Pancha Lingeswar Temple and Khirachora Gopinath Temple.


mayapur Iskcon Temple

Distance from Kolkata- 130 KM Approx

Find utter devotional spirit within in the solace of Mayapur, a land of Lord krisha’s devotees. Even if you’re not so inclined towards this belief, you will be amazed with the serenity around the place. Located between the river Hoogly and Jalangi, Mayapur is evokes the essence of prehistoric era of Lord Krishna. Come and get engrossed with the God chant and enjoy the feeling of forgetting all the mundane attraction.


Mukutmanipur - Winter Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 245 KM Approx

Another much celebrated gateway from Kolkata to cover in shortest of time, Mukutmanipur is enriched with placid natural ambience. This place is nestled in the confluence of river Kangsabati and Kumari, sets a picturesque view of hills and huge water lake. It’s an ideal place to take refuge in the lap of lush green scenery. A boat ride along the wide lake while capturing amazing pictures gives an exciting feeling.



Distance from Kolkata- 160 KM Approx

Home of Rabindranath Tagor’s creation, Santiniketan is the soul-comforting retreat of every frequent traveler. Winter is the ideal time for a laid-back vacation with charming sights of Poush mela gives the entire trip a different meaning. Nestled in the exotic place of amazing nature, Santiniketan truly signifies the meaning of the term ‘Peace’. Come to see world famous Viswa Bharti University ere and experience the life of dwellers being draped in unique Rabindra culture.

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