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Destination in Rajasthan to visit this Winter

Destination in Rajasthan to visit this Winter

6 Offbeat Destination in Rajasthan to visit this Winter

A great traveler is open to trying new things and always looking to expand his perspectives. You can’t increase your horizons or broaden your worldview by visiting the same places every time.

Because there’s another world beyond the famous destinations, they also are full of exciting tales to tell, whether it’s about the past, courage, or spirituality.

Who knows for certain that these lesser-known spots won’t become popular tourist destinations soon? Therefore, why not take a trip to these less-known but gorgeous destinations now to ensure that you will be able to boast about them if they become huge!

There is an additional beneficial aspect of these destinations. Most travelers generally ignore that it ensures their visitation by a smaller number of tourists. They are less crowded and chaotic.

There aren’t many of those who are frantically searching for accommodation and hurrying to take a bus after getting stuck in traffic or waiting in long lines to complete their reservations. Furthermore, many of these accommodations are maintained well and are clean and tidy, and have very little evidence of human footprints. Choose these offbeat destinations from Rajasthan tour packages and explore the less explored part of Rajasthan. 

1. Barmer

Barmer - Destination in Rajasthan to visit this Winter

The Barmer district Barmer is an area where the majesty in color, the warmth of the people who live there, and the sweetness of old-fashioned traditions come together to make an incredible cocktail that visitors can’t find enough of.

The area’s background is traced to 13th-century India, and Bahada Rao, a.k.a Bar Rao, was the first to establish it. He named it Barmer, the hill fortification of Bar.

The district was previously called Malani. Barmer, as we see it today, was established in 1949. It has all the features of the typical district of Rajasthan, that is, long stretches of deserted land, severe conditions, and rough terrain.

It includes everything. As a result, you should arrive prepared. Rajasthan is also recognized for its beautiful craftsmanship, which you can witness in abundance here. Some of the things that could surprise you are carpets, wood carvings, intricate embroidery, and so on.

2. Banswara

Banswara - Destination in Rajasthan to visit this Winter

In Banswara, a district covered in bamboo grooves. This is a feature that serves as the vocabulary’s foundation. It is a tribal territory mostly populated by Bhils people. It is situated between the Rajasthani cities of Udaipur and Chittaurgarh.

Banswara is the site of an ancient city that is now in ruins. The city is surrounded by stone walls. A palace built by the former rulers is majestically viewed from the ruin below.

The most important sites to visit include The City Palace, an excellent instance that exemplifies Rajput architectural style; Anand Sagar Lake, an artificial lake situated on the eastern portion of the district. Madareshwar is a magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Shiva situated majestically in beautiful natural beauty.

3. Mahansar


The charming little village of Mahansar is situated in Shekhawati that is green compared to the travel scene. The town, founded in 1768, is approximately 40 km away from Jhunjhunu and will always bring a smile to your face, thanks to its stunning collection of intricate art and paintings.

However, the honor that it is the largest and most awaited tourist attraction of Mahansar is due to “Sone Chand ki Dukan ” dating from the 18th century. Its walls are decorated with stunning artworks and intricate golden leaves woven over the walls.

4. Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh - Destination in Rajasthan to visit this Winter

A different UNESCO World Heritage site where you can have a go at zip-lining across the steep terrain. Nearly 85 km from Udaipur, The nearby Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many fascinating creatures, including hyenas, leopards, sloth bears, the rare chinkara, and a variety of species of birds.

Night drives in this area are breathtaking. The best place to stay while in the region should be Fateh Safari Lodge (Website; doubles start at $16,000 for a minimum 2-night stay) is a family-owned boutique hotel famous because of the spectacular scenery around the.

The hotel, which has 35 rooms, is situated at an elevation of 3,600 feet above sea level affords unobstructed views over and the Aravali range, which gives way to the picturesque Narlai village. Narlai.

5. Dungarpur


Take a trip to Dungarpur, which is the seat of the older section of Sisodiyas of Udaipur, which is in which you can explore places like the Dev Somnath Mandir, Juna Mahal, Badal Mahal, and others.

There’s also an archeological museum, as well as an annual Baneshwar fair, which takes place in February, that you should be looking forward to. The crystal clear water that flows from Gaib Sagar Lake and a private forest reserve is the backdrop to the gray facade at Udai Bilas Palace (Website; Doubles start at the price of Rs 9,900) with columns, marble carvings, and large balconies.

Filled with intricate murals with miniature paintings, carvings, and sculptures, This 23-room residence is the perfect location for an intimate wedding or a celebration for a birthday party that is unique.

The Zenana Chowk, an open-air eating space, can be illuminated at night, and the poolside is a great spot for lunch. Explore the hills, or enjoy a picnic among the ruins — Dungarpur has plenty to provide.

6. Mandawa

Mandawa - Destination in Rajasthan to visit this Winter

In the past, Mandawa was on the famous Silk Route to China, and wealthy merchants built numerous Havelis and decorated them with stunning artworks of social, folk, and religious themes that were hung on the interior and exterior walls.

Mandawa is currently regarded as an “Open Air art gallery” as a result of these artworks. Mandawa Castle, in particular, is a spectacular building worth seeing. It’s made of white marble with red and blue accents.

Antique furniture and frescoes have been used to embellish the apartments. The castle has been converted into a hotel where you may live like a king!

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