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Driving in Foreign Land with your Indian license

Driving in Foreign Land with your Indian license

Enjoy Driving in Foreign Land with your Indian license

When you have explored only India till now by road and you dream of driving in a foreign land, unaware of knowing how you can do that. We bring to you those countries allowing you to drive with a valid Indian driving license where you could enjoy the trip in a deeper way as there can never be a better way of exploring the destination than going by road. So, take your own country’s license and enjoy rolling down the postcard-like landscape away from the Indian land.

1. Germany

Germany - Driving in Foreign Land with your Indian license

Indian visitors are allowed to drive in Germany after a valid Indian driving license for a period of six months from their date of arrival in the country. To avoid the later problems, get translated copy of your Indian license from any German diplomatic mission that could only help you at any time of inspection. Adding to this adventure, Germany owns several roads where they are no speed limits.

2. USA

What could be a better way of experiencing the most amazing driving routes in the world? The United States of America gives you the opportunity of driving with an Indian driving license as long as it is in English. One should be required to have a copy of the I-94 form, showing your date of entry in the state. The place allows you to drive for one year from the date of arrival.

3. Australia

Hot Air Balloon Australia
Hot Air Balloon Australia

Cities like South Australia, Queensland, South Australia, and New South Wales allow the willing people to drive with a valid Indian license, where you have to make sure that the driving license is in English. Moreover, the place allows you to drive only those vehicles which are allowed on your Indian driving license for a time period of three months.

4. France

Lyon France
Lyon France

For that crazy driving thought in some other country, all you have to do is to carry through a French-translated version of the Indian driving license to explore the country’s rich culture, natural wonders, and artificial edifices. The place, surely demands you to travel via road.

5. New Zealand

There is no better way of exploring the city than by road and if you are 21 years of age with a valid Indian license then you can surely enjoy this feeling. New Zealand roads permit you to drive through the stunning landscapes in only those vehicles which your Indian license allows. You just need to get it translated from New Zealand Transport Agency or a Govt recognized translator. The time limit allowed to continue enjoying this experience is one whole year.

6. Switzerland

Places to visit in Switzerland - Driving in Foreign Land with your Indian license

Picturesque beauty surrounded by the Swiss Alps, lush green meadows, and turquoise lakes creates a perfect ambiance to be explored via road. the authorities of Switzerland allow you to drive through its land if you have the English version of it. You are allowed to continue having the experience of driving for one year

7. Great Britain

It is a country that allows its foreign visitors to drive on their own country’s license for almost a year where you are allowed to use the small motor vehicle, motorcycles,s, etc which your only license allows you to. Why wait for things to arrive, go get ready for a long ride.

8. South Africa

South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch

A nature’s paradise with stunning cliffs and unique flora and fauna – South Africa, a country that allows you to drive through the mesmerizing roads with your Indian passport, only make sure it is English and have your proper photo and signature that might help you during the investigation. Carry along an International Driving Permit as many car rental companies ask for it while hiring.

9. Mauritius

With the stunning island and the very so smooth roads, Mauritius brings to you the perfect ambiance that should be discovered even with an Indian license in your hand. Driving license should be English and you can only those vehicles that are allowed as per your own Indian license. So, enjoy the best of your time while discovering the place in a better way.

10. Norway

Winter Morning in Norway - Driving in Foreign Land with your Indian license

Scenic roads, lush green forests, water bodies, and your driving through them is a mesmerizing thought that can give you an unforgettable experience to be cherished forever. The country allows Indian travelers to drive through the beauty of Norway with their valid Indian license in English for a period of three months.


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