Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas

10 Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas

Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas: Celebratory occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other important days marked on our calendars are incomplete without gifts. But, you always find yourself in a dilemma: Want to gift something thoughtful to your dear ones and at the same time do not want to contribute to unnecessary waste.

If your idea of the perfect gift is finding something sustainable for the earth, then these gift ideas are for you. eco friendly gifts india

1. Succulents:

Succulents - Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas

Succulents are beautiful and hardy plants. It is best for everyone, ones born with green thumbs and for those who are not because they will grow with minimum care as well. Some succulent plants like Jade are symbolic of prosperity. What could be a better gift than a pot of beauty and luck? Moreover, because of the awareness plants are becoming the first gift choice of many.

2. Canvas Tote Bag:

Canvas Tote Bag

One of the easiest ways to go green when gifting is to avoid plastic. Plastic wrapping, plastic bags, plastic gifts, etc. A canvas tote bag is a good option. It is reusable, washable, and fashionable. Also, canvas tote bags are spacious than other trendy bags; hence perfect for girls who love to carry their world with them.

3. Diffuser and Essential Oil Set:

Diffuser and Essential Oil Set

A diffuser and essential oil set is an excellent eco-friendly gift because it will keep the home of the recipient free from chemicals, bad odours, and will do no harm to the environment. Some of the diffusers come with essential oils and teal lights as a combo, which makes them perfect for the upcoming Diwali festivity. You can avail these Diwali gifts online,

4. Sow and Grow Stationery:

Sow and Grow Stationery - Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas

Sow and grow stationery comes with seed paper of different plants that the recipient can sow to grow their own stationery items like pens, pencils, colour pencils, and a diary. The gift comes with a reusable pencil holder. The instructions are clearly mentioned, and the recipient can easily grow them. Cool, isn’t it?

5. Condiment Set:

Condiment Set - Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas

The Happiness Box! The gift box contains an assortment of naturally made condiments like honey mustard, fig almond conserved, and other flavouring ingredients, spices, and sauces; all in mini jars. The jars are reusable as well as the gift box.

6. Clay and Paper Jewellery:

Clay and Paper Jewellery

Know a fashionista who loves to accessorize her every look with jewellery? Then, gift her something that will enhance her look as well as the beauty of the earth–clay, paper, or jewellery made of eco-friendly materials. Such jewellery pieces are unique, creative, and pretty.

7. Bamboo Tableware Set:

Bamboo Tableware Set - Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas

Plastic is harmful to the environment and your baby. Get for your baby bamboo tableware set inclusive of plates, spoon, fork, glass, and bowls. A variety of designs, colours, and patterns are available to make it appealing to the kids.

8. Stainless Steel Photo Water Sipper:

Stainless Steel Photo Water Sipper

Say “No” to plastic water bottles. Encourage this idea in your relatives and friends as well by gifting them stainless steel water bottles. Turn it into a charismatic gift by printing a photo of the recipient.

9. Mason Jars:

Mason Jars - Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas

Mason jars are useful and thoughtful gifts. You can use mason jars in any way. Fill it with love notes, candies, jar cakes, candles, anything you could think of. Decorate it as you wish, and add a tag to it.

10. Vegetarian and Vegan Cooks:

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooks

Eating less meat is considered the best way in which people can help the environment. If you have people who are vegetarian and vegans, give them cookbooks of famous chefs or the ones with recipes from around the world. For suggestions on some of the best cookbooks, browse the web.

Go green with your gifting ideas. Give something beneficial for the recipient and Mother Earth

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