Elephant Island in Mumbai

Elephant Island in Mumbai

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Explore the Elephant Island in Mumbai

Mumbai is treated as one of the metro city of India which is located in the coastline of the country. The place had got various islands. The Gateway of India is one of the popular tourist spot which is located at the Mumbai Harbor. The island at the northeastern side of this tourist spot is covered with the temples which is made up of cut rocks. These are temples of Gharapuri, hence the island is named as Gharapuri Island. On the other hand, it is also known as place of caves or Pory Island. However this island is popular by the name of Elephant Island which is treated as one of the heritage site across the world as certified by UNESCO.

The Bygones times of Elephanta Island

During the ancient times, the island was known as Gharapuri Island, however during the sixteenth century, the Explorers from Portugal were surprised to see the gigantic and massive sculpture made up of dark grained volcanic rocks which resembles the structure of an elephant which was found near the entrance and hence, they had named this island as Elephanta Island. The Portuguese explorer had tried to take the sculpture back to their home, however had failed to carry because of their weaker chains and had to drop the sculpture in the mid of the sea. Later the British had shifted the sculpture to the Victoria and Albert museum which is formerly known as Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum which is located in Mumbai.

The Book is the best Guide ever

Once you land on this Island, you would meet with various Guides, however, personally I feel them as pushy and too much expensive. Sometimes their stories might also affect the real history as well. However, if you wish to explore and know the truth then you may refer to the book named as “A guide to the Elephanta Caves” which is written and narrated by Pramod Chandra which is available for sale now. Hope that would suffice your requirements and can gather sufficient knowledge about the place.

Reach the Island

  • There are Launches available which starts from the Gateway of India and heads towards Gharapuri at an interval of half an hour. This transportation is available on and from 9:00 am in the morning to 3:30 pm in the evening. Visit the Booths which are lined at Apollo Bunder to buy tickets. The total time, the voyage takes to reach the island is almost an hour.
  • The Ferries are moored ultimately at the corners of a solid jetty. Once you board down from the launch you need to walk down to the stairway which would lead you to reach the caves with an admission fee of Rs10 approximately. However there are miniature trains available with a ticket fare of approx. Rs 10 thatwould also help you to reach, if you deny to walk.
  • While you are walking towards the temple you would get to see various stalls that are lined up along the sides of the road to sell various trivial items and you would be escorted by the annoying monkeys.
  • Explore the Elephanta Island for its beautiful sculpture and while you go, remember to wear good shoes as you might come up with adventurous trekking routes





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Elephant Island in Mumbai
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