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Kanchanaburi Activities

Kanchanaburi Activities

Kanchanaburi Activities

Kanchanaburi Activities

Kanchanaburi Activities

Kanchanaburi Activities

What to try and do in Kanchanaburi Nature adventures area unit the most highlight of Kanchanaburi. characterized by steep craggy mountains and a crisscrossing network of rivers, this abundant west province retains the rugged geographical area feel that nature-starved urbanites and jungle explorers have long cherished. With seven national parks, 3 picturesque water reservoirs still as an associate degree abundance of early caves, waterfalls, and hot springs, you’re spoiled for alternative. whereas bamboo rafting down the stream Kwae is an associate degree uncomparable favorite activity, the body of water hikes and cross-country expeditions into dense jungles guarantee appreciated expertise. The trick is to arrange your trip well beforehand as every parkland can be an associate degree-long destination in itself. whereas Sai Yok and Erawan National Parks will simply be daily trips, Thong Pha Phume associate degreed Sangklaburi more west undoubtedly need a long keep.

Caves Exploration

Kanchanaburi’s craggy sedimentary rock mountains harbor a number of the country’s most opulent caves. to induce to them, though, is not any move into the park. graven into a slope, buried deep in an exceedingly jungle of overgrown trees, or hidden well to do the overwhelmed track, most caves need a minimum of a light-weight trek on a wooded, uphill path. Don’t lose heart, though, because the reward is quite well worth the effort. Of explicit note area unit Phu Toei Cave, Chloe Cave, Phra That Cave, Wang Badan Cave, Daowadeung Cave, Lawa Cave, and ANG capacity unit Cave.

Erawan parkland

Erawan national park - Kanchanaburi Activities

Housing one of all the foremost celebrated waterfalls within the country, Erawan parkland boasts gorgeous scenery wherever over eightieth is roofed in mixed deciduous, dipterocarps, and evergreen forests. The scenic hiking trails crisscross through to the park’s centerpiece attraction: the seven-tiered Erawan body of water, that flows down one,500 meters in an exceedingly series of lovely cascades, interspersed with emerald water pools. The hike through the primary 3 levels is fairly simple however from the fourth level ahead, it may be difficult while not correct hiking gear. What awaits you on the far side level four, though, is unquestionably well worth the effort. Expect to pay 3 – four hours hiking to the seventh level and backpedal. With many caves and a various array of flora and fauna, you’ll simply pay a whole day here.

Retrace the Death Railway Route

Relive a flash in time as you journey down the historic section of the Death Railway. Today, solely the 77-km section from Tha Kilen (near Prasat Muang Singh) to Nam Tok (Sai Yok Noi Waterfall) remains operating and operates doubly daily on weekends, A train brings guests from Krung Thep to the Bridge over the stream Chinese monetary unit as a part of the State Railway of Thailand’s look tour. Ironically, despite its grotesque history, this rail route passes through the foremost lovely section of the Death Railway – the wood span petting the cave-ridden geological formation – and a few of the foremost picturesque countries within the country. The journey takes 2 hours.

River Rafting and Boat Journeys

River Rafting

If there’s one must-do activity in Kanchanaburi, stream rafting would be it. Cutting through craggy sedimentary rock mountains and dense evergreen forests dotted with cavernous grottoes, the stream Kwae Noi sets the stage for a powerful stream journey. Float down the picturesque gorge fringing Sai Yok parkland and immerse in the rhythm of its sleepy-eyed riverside scenery. wherever the stream current is gentle, you may have a chance to plunge certain a swim. If you’re short on time and would rather speed things up a little, strive a long-tail boat ride up the Rivers Kwae, Kwae Noi, and Kwae Yai and hit as several sites as you’d like on the approach.


Sangkhlaburi - Kanchanaburi Activities

This west border city (359km from Bangkok) is accepted for its picturesque jungle landscapes, rustic lakeshore backdrops, and therefore the longest wood bridge within the country. traditionally, Sangklaburi was the border space wherever invasive Burmese army penetrated into the Asian nations. Today, this recent invasive route is demarcated at the 3 Pagodas Pass. Untouched by fashionable development, the city exudes a serene, realistic vibration, ideal for enjoying a lazy outing within the lush outdoors. Explore an enthralling Mon village on foot, trek through the jungle on elephant back, or lead off a kayak or canoe and soak up the wonder of Khao Laem Reservoir still because of the encompassing country.

Sri Nakharin parkland

Embraced by endless mountain ranges and an abundant expanse of evergreen and deciduous forests, this hidden natural gem offers a spread of diversions, together with the body of water hikes, hot springs visits, cave adventures, and scenic boat journeys. The park is home to the picturesque Huay Mae Kamin body of water, whose seven-tier cascades flow into Sri Nakharin Reservoir below. Plunge certain a swim in one in all its emerald-colored pools, or if you like to remain dry, jump on a ship and luxuriate in the evolution scenery around the reservoir. you’ll conjointly rent a bamboo raft, canoe, or kayak and go away on your own. The hikes here area unit harder than Erawan, so the park is a smaller amount visited and retains a peaceful atmosphere throughout the year.

Thong Pha Phum parkland

Thong Pha Phum - Kanchanaburi Activities

Off-road adventurers and foot explorers can realize a perfect spot in Thong Pha Phum. Set between Sangklaburi and Sai Yok, this immense expanse of rolling mountain ranges and the luxurious geographical area offers a spread of fascinating experiences, from jungle treks and body of water hikes to cross-country habitation, natural spring baths, and whitewater or bamboo rafting. fashionable attractions embody capacity unit daddy Hot Springs and body of water, E-Tong Village, Pilok Mine Scenic Viewpoint, Khao Noi Cave, Dip Yai body of water. it’s a decent plan to remain a minimum of 2 nights in Thong Pha Phume, to understand its numerous landscapes.


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